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Golf is so easy

  1. Too funny - some days I feel like I'm having all of those thoughts go thru my head while trying to execute the golf swing.
  2. that was a pretty sweet shot at the end to flick it up
  3. And if you can ignore all that, you can actually PLAY golf.

    (The only thing I now think about is FINISH! Otherwise I'll muk it up.)
  4. lol lol lol
  5. Ha the "classic" finish pose...
  6. I save my power package for the drive.
  7. funny!!! golf is very hard to even get ok at.
  8. I tried golf one summer and after a couple of months realized why it was called golf


    All the other 4 letter words were taken.
  9. Rodney Dangerfield said he took a lesson from his pro. The pro gave him ten tips. Each one started with, "Don't......."
  10. I've played golf since 1960 and it is rocket science.

    Best swing thoughts I ever learned were on take away - #1 Low & Slow,

    #2 Effortless power without a powerful effort.
  11. I just think about what the cart girl looks like without her shirt on. Golf is easy. :tongueout:
  12. Great video. Golf can drive a sane person crazy!!