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Gold Canyon, AZ house for sale

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by prebans, Aug 10, 2004.

  1. prebans


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    Feb 18, 2002

    If you're sick of the liberal %$#@hole that is your home state, want a new home in Arizona, or just want some investment property... I know of a house for sale.

    Here's the scoop-- the fellow selling this house is a construction foreman who has an ill daughter. He's selling this house to move closer to the local hospital. For those of you who are Marines, you should be able to trade old Corps stories.

    The house is a two story 3 bed/2bath patio style home in Gold Canyon, AZ. This is unincorporated Pinal County. I believe it was built around 1999. The place is solid-- I guess construction foremen know how to take care of a place. He's in the process of painting the inside. It is a gated community with a HOA-- fees of 60/month which cover the roads, the fences and gates, a community pool, and possibly more.

    He's asking $149,995.00

    I'm not comfortable posting his contact info on the net for every moron to see. Interested folks can email to I'll then give you his name and cell and you can contact him yourself.

    Pics could probably be arranged if you're not local.

    FULL DISCLOSURE STUFF: This is not my house. I do not have financial interest in the house itself. The seller has told me that he'd appreciate the help selling the place-- yes, I'd probably get something in return for helping him sell it. No, I'm not a broker. Yes, this is all I know. No, I truly don't have any financial interest in the house, don't live in the house, don't work for the seller, etc.