going to heaven

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    a woman is sent up to heaven, and shes standing in front of st. peter. st peter sets down a large stack of paperwork in front of her and says, ok once you finish signing these you will be all set to move on. just as the woman picks up the pen she hears a very loud scream, the woman sets the pen down and says to st peter what on earth was the scream? st peter says oh that is just someone getting holes drilled for their wings. with a odd look on her face she picks up the pen and is about to sign the papers again as she hears another very loud scream, she drops the pen again and says to st peter what was that scream ?? he says oh thats just someone being fitted for their halo. the woman says i cant do this, i cant sign these. st peter then says well you will go to hell, and she says thats fine, st peter says, you will be raped and satumized. the woman replies, well i already have holes for that!