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Going to buy a G43 but!

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I'm gonna get one but I can't see paying over list for one. Every place around my neck of the woods that has them wants list or higher. I found a shop yesterday that said he would sell me one for $458 when he got his allotment of 4 guns. I asked him when that would be and he said whenever Davidson's sent them. I tried to reserve one and he said I couldn't do that. He said I would have to keep checking back with him. I don't like this business practice at all. Academy gets them every now and then but I have to keep checking with them also. You have to be there when they open because they sell as soon as the gun is put out. That too is a bummer. When is the shortage gonna end? The same time the 22lr shortage ends?
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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