God bless you guys...

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    Dec 29, 2000
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    I just saw the film clip of the firefighter in CA, I believe his last name is Hernandez. He repelled down the side of a canal to rescue a young boy caught in a river swelled and rageing by servere flooding.

    Watching the clip, it was obvious that the FF was off balance on the way up due to the weight of the boy resting on his legs. Several mis-steps on the way up to get over a hortizontal I-beam but finally got him to the top...

    Tremendous confidence in himself and his partners at the top...

    Him and his "Team" should and will get a medal out of this but what does he say...? With shyness and a shrug of his shoulders he says "I was only doing my job..."

    Several clips of copter rescues...

    I admit I got misty eyed.

    Thank you and God bless...