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Go Michigan State

  1. Big game coming on right now on ESPN Michigan State at Michigan

  2. Boooo....... Hissssss........
    Go Blue.
  3. What an incredible ending to the game. A heartbreaking way for Michigan to lose. Although as a Buckeye fan I'm ok with it.
  4. Holy Crap. That was insane. A true gift. Fall on the ball, genius.
  5. Hell of a finish...
  6. FFFFFFUUUUUUUUDDDDDGGGGE! :steamed: :burn::fist:
  7. That hurts.
    That was nuts.
    Stat wise MSU dominated.
  8. Call the police, because Harbaugh was ROBBED!!
  9. That poor punter will have a bad week. That will be hard to live down..
  10. GO GREEN!!!!

    I had already accepted defeat and was talking of some other crazy ending games, then BAM! FUMBLE! WOOOOOOOOOOO-HOOOOOOOO GOOOOO GOOOOO GOOOO WOOOOOOO!!!!!!

    Holy crazy ending, as a State fan, and season ticket holder, I obviously LOVED the end, but will give MI a nod, they played a good game and had a few horrible calls against them (targeting my a$$) I can admit that.

    but once again,

    GO GREEN!!!!
  11. ROFL. Lovin' it. because Spartans are cooler than Wolverines.
  12. So in that link it says that Jalen Watts-Jackson, our guy that scored the game winning TD, broke his f*cking hip on the play!!! SH*T! Just what we need, another injured player... and with that injury, he'll be out for the rest of the season for sure, if not a career ender.

    I honestly wonder (and believe to probably be more likely) if it happened in the celebration after the TD, and not on the actual play...
  13. I hate Michigan. You can see the exact moment their fans' hearts rip in half. I hope that happens every week.
  14. Better to go out on a legendary play like that. The guy will never pay for another drink in East Landing again...once he turns 21 of course.
  15. VERY True!!!!

    Hell, I'll buy (give) him one if I ever see him at tailgate!!!
  16. YES WAY TO GO GREEN, I used to work on the side lines at all Michigan State home games years ago, I was neat standing with the players
  17. I hadn't read the part about the injury when I posted the link to the video. I'd almost bet money it was during the celebration after the play. A couple of the team's players really piled on hard... looked like they took a flying leap onto the guy when he was lying flat on his back. I thought at the time it had looked like they had hurt him. And he wasn't moving afterwards.
  18. both Michigan teams are outstanding programs with top shelf coaches and tradition. since I have been a Notre Dame fan all my life, I have seen this personally since I was old enough to pay attention, great games and seasons, great sports memories, and yesterdays game is one for the ages.
    there have been so many great players associated with these programs it is unreal, and so little scandal. I respect college programs that see to it their athletes get an education. not like certain programs that recruit from the local prisons, and allow all manor of bad behavior.
    the "66 ND - Michigan State game was a real battle. Bubba Smith might be the baddest of the bad! right next to "man" in the dictionary is a picture of this bruiser! he would be one of those I would have to include in an "all time opponents" list.
  19. Michigan was one of the great football programs up until 7 or 8 years ago. Michigan State had a few glory years in the past but was always overshadowed by Michigan regardless of how good their record. Dantonio turned MSU around and made it one of the premier programs in the country. Hopefully Harbaugh can turn U of M around as well. Having both programs on top is good for the State of Michigan and the Big Ten.

    Having said that I neither a MSU or U of M fan. I will say that U of M, while a very good school tends to be a bunch of arrogant A-holes when it comes to their football team. I tend to root for MSU when they play as a result.
  20. I heard the punter has received death threats. If true, that's disgusting. These are kids.
  21. Taking a line from The Green Mile, "what in the blue frack was that?!"
  22. Lol


  23. This. Fall on the ball and let your defense settle it. It puts the D in a bad position but better than what happened.

    But that punter is getting death threats now. Over a damn football game. Holy fark some people need to just jump into a wood chipper.
  24. Love those comments:

    2. Florida 24 - Interestingly, if you combine Florida and Ohio State's arrests, Urban Meyer would be number one on this list.

    3. Georgia 22 - Totally where I would expect to see Georgia, the Bulldogs can't even get the most arrests in the SEC, they Georgia'd it.

    6. Ole Miss 20 - Hugh Freeze is going to take these boys straight to church. (Where they will then abscond with the offering plates).

    15. LSU 16 - LSU's arrest rate is top 15 in the country, yet just the 9th best in the SEC. That's so Les.

  25. "That's so Les"

    I killed myself laughing at them all
  26. As much as I hate the phrase, I was waiting for Clemson to be on the list and the comment be something about Clemsoning. It actually would have been pretty funny.

    All of them were pretty good.