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Glucosamine worth a try or snake oil?

  1. As I get older I am at the very early stages of joint pain. When not working I go and walk or ride bicycle or skate about 1 hour a day at a pace that raises HR to the 60-70% of max level. I have begun using low levels of NSAIDS. I know they can be damaging to the liver if used regularly and then over time their effectiveness wains and then higher levels are required to work, further risking lever damage.

    I'm going to give it a 3 month trial. I'll go pick out a brand version of a vitamin I already use and give it a 3 month shot. I'll get back to you with some results, I'm about to get busy outdoors and this will give me a better indication if my condition worsens with additional use or it seems that the glucosamine seems to help.
  2. I'm in the same boat. I don't think use those supplements but I sure am curious.
  3. I believe it works to help rebuild connective tissue. I have had positive experiences with it.
  4. Good luck, let me know how it works out.

    Be careful, I don't know much about them but some things don't mix good together
  5. It's been positive for me. 53, very active, fitness level is still very high, but not doing as much as I used to.
  6. Worth a try.

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  7. I wouldn't say it's snake oil at all.
  8. I took it in 2003 after shoulder surgery.My orthopedic doc was skeptical about my recovery and thought i would have limited use of my right arm.I took the glucosamine daily,it was expensive then,and i sincerely believe that combined with my therapy it helped my recovery. My therapist thought glucosamine was useful,my orthopedic doc not so much,my feeling was that it helped speed up my recovery.The ortho doc was very surprised that i regained full use of my arm.
  9. I have had rotator cuff problems as well as hip and knee issues. I tried Glucosamine Chondroitin for several months. It did not help. However, my physical therapist said about 50% of his patients report that it did. I had rotator cuff surgery (which was successful) as well as a steroid shot in my hip (which also helped). I hope it works for you. Let us know one way or the other. Good luck.
  10. I take one Osteo Biflex triple strength pill each day...for the past 14 years. I absolutely swear by it. Might be psychosomatic, but I had been limping from a sore hip for about a year. Some stranger suggested I try the stuff. "Cured" my pain in less than two weeks, so I've been taking it ever since. Instructions say take two or three a day, but I'm good with just one. YMMV
  11. [Sorry this is a little long, but it might be of help to some of you with joint problems.]

    My x-rays showed bone-on-bone in my knees. It got so I couldn't bend them without almost crying from pain. Had a devil of a time getting in & out of the car. Sometimes needed help getting up off of a low or soft cushioned chair. Went for weeks once not being able to put on or take off my own socks because it hurt so bad to bend my knees. I had been regularly taking the suggested amounts of Glucosamine & Chondrontin for over a year with little benefit.

    My doc wanted me to consider having both knees done... but as much pain as I was in, I still didn't want surgery. You never know what kind of complications might develop and leave you worse off than before.

    Then the year before last year, I was going into Baptist Hospital in Oklahoma City late one night while my mother was in there for a week. The security guard at the front desk saw me creeping along in obvious pain and offered a wheel chair and someone to push me. I declined.. but we got to talking about my knee issues. He said that a year earlier he had been in the same predicament.... walking with a cane and scheduled for knee replacement surgery.

    He said he had been at his doctors office for a pre-surgery consultation. His doctor is the same guy who does all the joint repair work for the OU football team. There was a doctor there from England studying with the surgeon. After seeing the security guards' x-rays, the English doctor asked if he had been taking Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM [sulfer]? The guard said he had been. The English doctor then asked if he had also been taking gelatin along with it? The guard had not.

    The English doctor said he didn't know why, but for some reason, the Glucosamine, Chondrotin and MSM were a lot more effective when taken with gelatin... that they had seen some remarkable results in cartilage being restored in knees and other joints.

    The guard said after talking with his surgeon they decided it wouldn't hurt to put his surgery off and try what the English doctor had suggested. The guard said that with in just about 4 months he was walking without a cane. No knee pain. He had a photo of his before and after X-rays on his phone to show people. Before, it was obvious he had bone-on-bone in his knee joints. But months later there was a thin layer of new cartilage with black specks in it. The black specks were the old worn out cartilage working its way out. The guard appeared to be walking his rounds as normally as any healthy person walks. Said he no longer had any pain and never used a cane.

    I thought.. what have I got to lose. So I went out and bought some Osteo Bi-Flex 5 with Loxin. Also bought MSM. Started tripling the suggested dosages. And I ate a couple of Boxes of Jello gelatin every day for 3 months. Within 6 weeks I was bending my knee all the way. Still had some pain but nothing like I'd had before. I could put on and take off my socks, and get out of chairs on my own. I eventually switched over to taking gelatin capsules for convenience. Now, If I sit for very long, my knees will get stiff and hurt for a few minutes when i first get up. But once I get to moving...I get around pretty good, with virtually no knee pain. I still use my cane for stability.. but I highly recommend the use of Glucosamine, Chondrotin and MSM.. but do it along with Gelatin.
  12. It helped one of my aging dogs.

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  13. This thread has my interest! I'll try gelatin along with my osteo biflex.
  14. I've used MSM and the glucosamine, they have helped a lot with a bad knee I have that used to jump out of joint when I was working on the boo-lance picking up heavy people. I think you will see positive results.
  15. You could give out an inert placebo and 1/2 the people would say it helped.
  16. I don't know about on humans, but we had an old dog, that was nearly crippled with hip problems. A guy that my daughter knew have her to large containers of glucocimine gel caps and suggested we try them. We did and it made a noticeable difference in her mobility.
    Like I said, I won't claim that they work on people, but it sure seemed to on the old dog. She made another couple of years until we had to let her go.
  17. I would be more inclined to accept the Mayo Clinic report cited above than anecdotal reports stated here but the large supplement industry hopes you believe the anecdotal reports.
  18. After putting our first golden retriever down because of joint problems when she was only 7 -

    I started giving it to my other retrievers.

    I take 2 a day - my Golden Lacie gets one a day same pill.
  19. It's the difference between believing what you want to believe and what's for real. That can be applied to other aspects of life, too.
  20. Taarna, our Orange Lab, had ACL surgery, and it's helped her a great deal!
  21. I had bad knees for years, I too took Osteo Biflex for years, It was suggested by the Ortho doc that was giving me Synvisc injections...


    Recommendation is an injection every 6 months, at first once a year worked fine then it took twice a year, at the end an injection didn't last 2 months. When the left finally collapsed it was time for replacements. Synvisc worked for 10 years.

    It takes about 30 days for the Osteo Biflex to have full effect, if it is going to work for you, while in Iraq I ran out and in 10 days I could tell.
  22. Sorry. Does not qualify.
  23. this HELPED after joint replacements with the soreness
    it helps with pain in my shoulder.
    it would be worth your time to try it.
    If it is working for you within 1/2 hour you will notice it working.

  24. Adding any building block your body needs, in which you are deficient, has the potential to be very beneficial. Is your diet deficient in this building block? Nobody can say. It doesn't hurt to try it. (watch your blood sugar and shellfish allergy)
    The best research has been that it has shown benefit for knee issues but the concept should apply for any joint in which cartilage repair is a concern.
  25. Try microlactin instead. You'll thank me. It comes in powder and capsules. Best joint supp I've ever used.
  26. As for rotator cuff issues, it wouldn't work. More for joints. Sorry it didn't work for you.

  27. Like I said, it might be psychosomatic, but I don't care. It's been working for me, either way. I used to experience hip pain after walking 100 yards. Now I routinely walk three miles a day, pain free. Worth the price of the stuff. I don't take any other drugs. I'll be 70 in June. I very rarely visit a doc except for an annual skin cancer check. I'm sticking with Osteo Biflex!!
  28. My 18 year old dog has a bone spur and Arthritis in the knee of his one leg. I give him Rimadyl and saw some improvement. After 4 or 5 months he hit a plateau in his limping.

    I tried some Glucosamine (since he's my dog and important to me) and after a month he seemed to walk even better. I'm not convinced for my consumption, but the vet said people report their dogs are helped by it.
  29. Full disclosure: I take glucosamine, too, but not because of anecdotal evidence. An ortho doc at Mayo pointed me to their information and said it might help me. I can't honestly tell if it does or doesn't, but I can't tell any harmful side effects so I take it for the possible benefits.

    As ray said earlier, 50% of people are "helped" by placebos. I like science.
  30. I currently take it and have been for the last 10 years or so...the thing about it is that it takes awhile to finally kick in and heaven forbid if you miss a couple days you almost start back at square one. At least in my experience. ..
  31. I take it every day. Helps me quite a bit. I took an interesting path to what I take now. I tried one brand years ago, I don't remember the brand, took it for several months but felt no difference in knee pain. Tried a different brand. Same results. One day while at Costco and in a fair amount of pain I decided to try their brand. Within a week I could feel some improvement. I took the Kirkland Glucosamine/Chondroitin for a few years and thought I was doing well. One day I went in to get a bunch of stuff and accidently grabbed a bottle of the Glucosamine/MSM version. That helps me even more and I'm using it to this day.
  32. I don't know what Mayo clinic said about it, but am disposed to believe my own 10 year anecdotal evidence:
    It works.
  33. Check out Turmeric (Curcumin) for joint pain.

    I used to take glucosamine with MSM and I think it helped. I stopped taking it because the naysayers said it was like eating hair to cure baldness.

    I recently started taking Turmeric and the results have been dramatic in curing my joint pain. I do not believe this to be psychosomatic or a placebo effect.
  34. We have 2 older dogs with severe arthritis and give them both the supplement. One is now (6+ months after starting) just about symptom free the other has seen no change at all. Probably going to be a similar experience for people.

    Me, I'm just learning to deal with the pain...I have other problems that cause more discomfort.

  35. Exactly! And doctors are aware of this.

    If you have bone-on-bone pain grit your teeth and drag your legs to the grave.
    Those semi-annual and annual shots to the knees give me 1 week of relief!
    I lost 2 years of my life because of a knee replacement.

    With minor pain/injury or psychosomatic pain use whatever you can convince yourself works.
    If 2 dog-doo sandwiches a day make you feel better, DON'T GIVE UP THE DOG-DOO SANDWICHES!

    If I sound bitter it is only because I am.
  36. The up side is that I have never had a back, hip or knee injury requiring medical attention. So I do not have any pre existing conditions or damage other than normal wear and tear. Obviously I would like to keep it that way. My knee pain is minimal as in "self, should I or should I not take a nsaid to relieve the small amount of knee pain? Could this be the start of something worse? That is where I am at.

    Additionally, I saw on the local news that there is a procedure that is being developed, that they harvest cells from your knee, incubate them and they grow cartiledge and then implant that back into the knee and it grows back.
  37. Worked wonders for my 140 lb malamute.
  38. I take it in liquid form...a bit expensive but it seems to work for me. Not a dramatic difference. But enough that I'm willing to pay the price for that difference.
  39. Anectdotal evidence, but yes, I take the Move-Free brand, works for me.

    Every now and then I run out, think, oh, well.

    Then the pain begins anew after a couple days, restrictive movements, fingers and knees affected.

    I only take one per day ( should take two, can't afford it ) .

    I should also do gelatin, what kind ? Brand ?
  40. I'm sure it's just the placebo effect for all of your dogs who improved with it.

    Pointing out the placebo effect doesn't diminish a drug or supliment. It only displays the power of the mind.
  41. Why would a dog exhibit the placebo effect? Heller?
  42. My mother uses and it swears by it. She has had one knee replacement and needs a second. It's the only thing that keeps her going between surgeries. How much is placebo vs actual effectiveness who knows? But it's cheap enough through Amazon.
  43. I've heard good things about Tumeric. Also, try a wheat free diet. It's helped me, a lot.
  44. I take two different kinds of Osteo Biflex triple strength... one of each a day. I just started taking non-GMO beef gelatin powder since Christmas because all of my wife's folks/relatives were using that since last year and raving about the results. I also use turmeric and turmeric tablets with piperine and a lot of cinnamon in cereal and tea.
    I quit sugar and wheat and only use stevia sweetener... NOTHING with ASPARTAME! I take a lot of supplements as well as medications for diabetes 2 and high cholesterol. If you're taking a statin drug, you need to take a good COQ10 because the statins decrease the amount in your body.
    I also take apple cider vinegar and coconut oil and use unsweetened almond/coconut milk on my cereal. I do add stevia sweetener... usually Stevia in the Raw, because the unsweetened almond coconut milk needs help.
    I do use a LOT of butter, but organic or the Kerrygold butter from grass-fed cows.
    I mix up a warm water elixir every morning with a whole lime or small lemon and add apple cider vinegar, turmeric, ground ginger, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, black pepper, rosemary and raw honey.
    I put milled flax, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, raw oatmeal, cinnamon, 5 ounces of blueberries, beef gelatin powder, and hemp hearts in with about an ounce of pumpkin seed-flax granola for a bowl of cereal/gruel for lunch.
    I'll be 71 in June and I'm trying to cover all of the bases.
    I'm trying to stave off joint problems and keep my central nervous system healthy.
    I do let up for dinner with a lot of medium-rare beef and lamb and pork with baked potato or brown rice or yellow rice(depends on the meat), chased down with decent Bordeaux... 2-3 glasses or more. And I eat a lot of nuts, especially raw almonds.
    I'm hoping that most of this stuff will help me. I'm sure that it's not hurting me. :D
  45. Agreed ... In my experience, quit, and the benefit tapers off, When you restart, the takes a few days to taper back on. I no longer experiment with quitting.
  46. You need to stop eating cereal, it has a ton of sugar, salt, and unneeded carbohydrate in it.
  47. Tumeric has other benefits, too, but I've yet to find anything that works better than microlactin when it comes to joints.
  48. Homeopathy is bunk. It's just the placebo effect.
  49. I had shoulder surgery April 1st last year. Dislocated my shoulder for the third time and got a Torn Labrum, and Chipped cartilage.

    My Ortho surgeon strongly recommended that I take Glucosamine to help speed up the recovery. I of course have no basis of comparison, so I have no clue how fast I would have recovered without it, but if it is something that might speed this up, and might help rebuild to prevent ever having to do this surgery again, I am all for it.