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glockstore skelotonized striker issues

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ok so I took my g34 out today and tried all 3 springs 2,4,6lb and i still got light strikes.

switched to the factory firing pin and spring , no issues

since the striker has an extended tip, and looking at the tip extending. it looks like it should puncture it easily. but it just put a small det in the primer and didnt ignite

could changing the trigger spring fix this? as it does seem pretty loose, when in the trigger housing and easily removed. could they have over streched the spring before sending it to me, since it comes zipped tied all together.

and with my stock trigger and zev trigger spring it doesnt seem as loose
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well i paid for it shouldnt i use it?

i guess we all learn from our mistakes.

just trying to find people that know how to make it work and would be cool if there was a master spring guide to use as a baseline.

somethng like you have this spring and this spring you can get this out of it

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What primer are you using for your loads? Federals are the most sensitive, but anytime you lighten the striker and spring, it is hit and miss, and over stretching the spring will not hurt or help. Are you shooting for fun? or competition? I run OEM strikers and springs, and have never had a light strike in over 125,000 rounds. I think you would have been better off to get some good sights, like Dawson/Heine/Taran, etc.
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