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Not true! A striker fired gun can be double or single action. For lack of a better example the Taurus G2C is a double action where when cocked the striker is merely released by depressing the trigger. Whereas when the striker spring is not under tension, depressing the trigger puts the striker under tension and then releases it at the end of the triggers travel. A single action striker is under tension whenever the gun is cocked, the trigger only releases the striker and cannot reengage the striker. A Glock is a SINGLE ACTTION striker fired pistol. When the trigger is depressed the first thing that happens is the firing pin safety is pushed up to allow the firing pin to contact the primmer then at the end of the triggers travel the sear releases the striker. The sear does push the striker back a slight amount before releasing it. (Witch I guess is where they get the completion of cocking idea)
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