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Glocks in movies

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How 'bout some observations of Glocks in movies? I'll start with...

The Recruit, starring Al Pacino, Colin Farrell, and the gorgeous Bridget Moynahan*. Pacino gives the Glock (a 9mm 17? a 40-cal. 22?) to Farrell when Pacino recruits him to spy on Moynahan.

* After my friend saw this in theater release, he called to say something like I'll call your Charlize Theron and raise you a Bridget Moynahan. :embarassed:
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That list is wrong. The G20 has been on a television show. Spirit of the Wild with Ted Nugent is a tv show :supergrin:

Good list for all Glock models in movies.
Good link, forgot about that webpage...

Hmmm...looks like the only movie a Glock 32 is in is 'District B13' I'll have to make it point to watch, esp since its on Netflix and I can stream it!!

"Set in the ghettos of Paris in 2010, an undercover cop and ex-thug try to infiltrate a gang in order to defuse a neutron bomb."

Doesnt sound terrible (sarcasm intended).....
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Watched Home Alone 3 the other day with my niece....They use Glocks in there too....Even the bubble gun is a glock gun...You can see the Glock logo on the bottom of the magazine. I thought that was funny.
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