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    Please check out this site and look down near the bottom of the first page. It's from

    here is the text of what I wanted you to read:
    Here is another case where the media has our "right to know" in mind.

    18 Dec 03
    Noted Firearms Trainer John Farnam on a Detroit Press article on Glocks

    Firearms Illiteracy in the Press:

    In a recent editorial (masquerading as news article) entitled Top Police Gun
    Prone to Accidental Firing, appearing in the Detroit News, a fearful author,
    Melvin Claxton, pontificates about the malignant dangers of Glock pistols. It
    is painfully obvious that Melvin wouldn't be able to distinguish a Glock from
    a waffle iron if the two were sitting in front of him, but, as is the case
    with most of the self-important, leftist press, that doesn't hinder him from
    presuming to tell us all what to do.

    With hands wringing, the author laments, "Glock pistols... have earned a
    reputation among some gun experts as a firearm with too few safety features and
    that is too quick to fire. Its reputation is directly linked to its design,
    which ignores important safety features... forces the user to handle the gun with
    extreme caution."

    Well, duh! He fails to name any pistols which can be safely handled

    He goes on, "The gun's safety features, extremely effective in preventing
    discharges if the gun is dropped or hit, automatically are turned off every time
    the trigger is depressed."

    Well, duh! I don't know about ya'll, but I want the pistol I carry for
    security emergencies to actually discharge when the trigger is depressed. What a
    radical notion!

    "'What you have is a gun that is almost too eager to fire,' said Carter Lord
    (never heard of him), a national firearms and ballistics consultant. 'I think
    it may be an appropriate weapon for highly trained paramilitary officers in a
    SWAT team, but not for most police officers and certainly not for civilians.'"

    Apparently, no one ever told Mr Lord or Mr Claxton that, in America, ALL
    police are civilians. I'm not sure what country they live in, but in America the
    police are not a branch of the military. We have civilian police officers
    here. Additionally, I personally resent the insinuation that all we "most
    police" are just too stupid to handle a Glock. I wonder what kind of pistol Mr Lord
    and Mr Claxton think we're smart enough to handle!

    "Experienced gun handlers, people like former US Border Patrol agent Michael
    Roth, 66, a small-town sheriff and marksman with extensive gun training"
    apparently also fell victim to the iniquitous Glock, "In March 1996, Roth was
    tightening his belt in a mall restroom in Buffalo, NY, when the Glock TUCKED IN HIS
    WAISTBAND accidentally discharged, striking him in the leg."

    Well, duh! With "experts" like this, we surely don't need amateurs.

    As if that weren't enough rubbish for one day, we see this headline at the
    end of the article:

    "Weapon easily converted into full automatic mode" "One of the Glock's most
    frightening attributes is its ability to easily be converted into a full
    automatic weapon capable of firing at the rate of 1,000 rounds a minute."

    Of course, Mr Claxton has never himself even touched, much less fired, any
    gun in full auto. If he had, he would know how utterly useless a
    fully-automatic pistol is. Indeed, we should pray that all criminals carry full-automatic
    pistols and use them exclusively in that mode! They would hit nothing and run
    out of ammunition in less than a second.

    The fact is Glocks are no more "easily convertible" to full-auto fire than is
    any other autoloading pistol. Mr Claxton himself, of course, has not the
    foggiest idea of how such a "conversion" could be accomplished, yet he is
    convinced that the process is "easy."

    Where do these self-righteous cretins come from? The author obviously finds
    the idea that American police are equipped with modern weapons frightening.
    He apparently would rather us all be equipped with obsolete weapons.

    The willful firearms illiteracy of the leftist press is indeed disturbing,
    almost as much as their arrogance.

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    Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' about!!!! Go, Johnny Go! ^6 ^5 ~1

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    I always love when "experts" claim a Glock can fire 1000 rounds a minute, sure it may be mathmatically possible, but how the hell are you gonna conceal a 1000 round mag?;g Or if they're quick at the reload 2 500 round mags!!;P
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    What is even (almost) worst is I was at public range and had a young man (@22yrs old) Who has hunted with handgun (deer) express interest in my G19 and G26. Seems he was in Sheriff's officer to talk about concealed carry permit and suitable guns. Sheriff told him that A. Glocks are unsafe,B. They are made to go THRU airport metal detectors, C. They can be converted to full auto by anyone, C they shoot withotu warning (guess that falls under unsafe?) I tried to educate the poor guy but of course who would you believe? A. The SHERIFF in his office or B. some guy at a gun range? So I took my G19 and proved the slide/barrel was metal He said sheriff said one model the slide was plastic. (shades of DIE HARD II IIRC) Then I showed him FML mags that they would show up. Then I showed him ammo that would also show up. HE allowed the sheriff said something about the ammo being the only part of gun that would show up. :( HOw do we fight such stupidity? If it were not over 100miles I would be tempted to drive down there and set at his feet to hear these words of wisdom (recorded of course by vidio/audio) to be showen with proof for all to see.
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    Why don’t you telephone the sheriff and ask him if he actually believe that? If he does, enlighten him. If he doesn’t, ask him why he’s perpetuating a myth? Or perhaps the young man heard it somewhere and is using “the sheriff” to make his story sound good.
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    Perhaps the trigger should see a psychiatrist if it's depressed..??

    Seriously though, if my gun doesn't fire when I depress the trigger, I'm sending it back.