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Glockmeister captured G26 recoil assembly

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Can anyone with experience with the captured assembly linked below tell me if the unit can be broken down for spring replacement?

THanks a bunch!
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No experience with that one but the G26 and G27 stock guide rod works perfect for me. and only cost me $8 last year.
I have one for my G26 and it's hard to install - the front edge is a little too big when the spring is extended. You can put it in by pulling the spring back from the edge, and it works fine once installed. I got tired of fooling with it when field stripping the gun, so I went back to the stock rod/spring. I'll keep that one for a spare. I never tried to take it apart.
I use the factory units exclusively, however I have a Glockmeister assembly that I got with a used gun and I'm curious if it can be disassembled for spring replacement.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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