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GLOCK Upgrades...Neccessary, or Evil?

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I would like to hear your opinions on common Glock upgrades. What have you done to your glock that makes it just that much better? Is there something you do to all your glocks?


Trigger Jobs


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Some here contend that other than night sights, nothing else is necessary.

With the invasive Giant African Snail located here I am probably going to get grip plugs for mine in case one wants get in there...

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night sights, stippling, and MGSL are all i do to mine... but to each his own and if certain things make your individual gun better go nuts! in the end its the gun you'll be using/carrying so who cares what other people think...

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depends on the application, my most radical:
lightened slide
modified ejector
modified extractor
KKM barrel and Carver comp
mag well
undercut trigger guard
modified trigger
slide racker

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but to each his own and if certain things make your individual gun better go nuts! in the end its the gun you'll be using/carrying so who cares what other people think...
Cannot argue with this logic.

Whatever changes you choose to do will only impact you (and your loved ones). If it's a range gun, and should the upgrades not work out, doesn't impact anybody-it's a range gun. If it's a HD/CCW gun, and should the upgrades not work out, doesn't impact me. :tongueout:

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These are MY OPINIONS on modifying Glocks. This is a list of parts, along with whether or not I feel they are worthwhile modifications:

-Sights: not absolutely necessary, but every Glock really needs better sights
-Grips: I like a really fine stippling, but Agrip, and Talon are nice. To each his own here.
-Barrels: Only if you have a genuine NEED. Like you want to shoot lead, or more length.
-Guide rods/recoil springs: Only if you have a genuine NEED. Like if you're shooting really hot 10mm, or need a weaker spring if you're running a compensator or 9mm conversion. With normal loads, this is worthless.
-Trigger mods: To each his own. I like a stock weight pull with no overtravel on a carry gun, with my homemade 2.5lb trigger bar on my target guns.
-Smooth trigger: everyone should have one.
-Stronger trigger/lighter striker springs: To each his own. I use a heavier trigger spring with my homemade trigger bar on my target guns, but carry guns are stock. I think a lighter striker spring is bad news
-Dress up stuff: Like stainless pins, slide lock, etc., to each his own
-Titanium/tungsten anything: Worthless. I have seen "titanium" pins bend with my own eyes. They are cheap crap. Maybe a titanium striker might do something, maybe not. Tungsten rod? No thanks.

In the end, I think carry guns should be FUNCTIONALLY stock. If you modify them, you should extensively test them in modified form before putting them into "duty". With target guns, have your way with them.

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All of them have:
25 cent trigger job, smooth trigger bar, Ghost Tactical 5.0 connector, Vickers slide release ( I like this much better than the factory or extended model), Gen3s have a Vickers mag release, Plain black rear sight ( Ameriglo, Warren, 10-8 or Heinie), tritium front sight ( Ameriglo or Warren). Baby Glocks all have GAP floorplates. The main carry gun's are slowly making their way to David Bowie to have the slides contoured and radiused, they will be plated in CCR's CPII when David's machining is done. All metal internals will also be plated. Frames will slowly be making their way to Lane at CBC for a reduction and stipple.

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for me, so far only night sights, but it depends on personality. many people like to make there gun their own, an extension of themselves. sometimes it's useful, maybe necessary, maybe artful:cool:

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on my g22
ghost tactical 5lb trigger,
ny1 trigger spring
trijicon day/night sights
6lb striker spring
maritime cups
tungston guide rod (different weight springs)
titanium nitrate striker and firing pin safety
polished EVERYTHING (barrel, trigger bar, barrel, etc)

my duty g17
day/night sights (pending)
stainless guide rod
ghost tactical connector
stippled grip
mag well
frame mod to factory mag well,

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My one and only Glock is my new G20. The desire to have another 10mm put me in the Glock family.

For me a barrel change is a must. I've seen enough Glocked brass to last me two life times. My 5.15" LW barrel is very nice. No chamber issue's. Shot brass looked great. And seemed to seal off very well in the chamber.

After cleaning up and polishing the stock connector and related parts the trigger was pretty good. A LW connector made it better. I may have got lucky with my pistol. Over travel isn't to bad. So that's all good.

It does need a 20 or 22# recoil spring and SS rod. It put full house 10mm brass damn near in orbit like my CZ-52.

The stock sights have done very well for me. But I only have 500 rounds through my G20. A front night sight would be nice. If not a set of night sights. But there going to have to be dirt cheap for me to pop for them.

Bottom line: Do as you wish concerning your pistol/pistols. Glocks are so bone idle simple it would take a true tard to fully hose one.

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The only thing you need to upgrade is yourself. Buy ammo and shoot it alot. Get alot of practice and become a better shooter. The Glock is done being built. All that aftermarket crap is just crap. Dont waste your money.

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On a carry gun the only thing I add is night sights. My G26 now has XS Big Dots on it :) I don't want any extended slide levers or mag catches to prevent me from presenting my weapon or anything extra to break.

My G19 on the other hand has XS Big Dots as well but has an extended slide stop and mag catch as well as a grip plug in it. I also sometimes have the Glock light on it too. However I use the 19 primarily as a home defense weapon.

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As stated in another thread...

“Shoot it a whole bunch before you start tinkering with it.”
I have two Glock 20's. All of my Glocks are self defense sidearms, so I think of my modifications as those which increase positive control over the weapon.

The top Glock 20 has just over 1000 rounds through it, and is plane-jane stock. The one on the bottom has over 8000 rounds, and I have carried it almost every day. I've had it for about 13 years.

The modifications it has;
-Meprolight Night Sights
-Glock Extended Slide Stop/Release
-Ghost 3.5 Lbs Connector (only because I couldn't find the OEM)
-Custom Stippling / Grip Texturing
-Grip Plug

All internal parts, springs, and pins are Glock OEM.

The newer Glock 20 I have is totally 100% stock. However, it will get all of the same modifications that the other one has, plus I plan to "Chop" the grip frame to match that of the Glock 29. It will be the best of both worlds. It will be easier to conceal, yet have the same barrel length and ballistics as the full length Glock 20.

The Glock pistol works very well just the way Gaston Glock designed it. The only things I tell people to change are those things that help them use the tool better. The first thing is better sights. The second is to replace that hard to use Slide Stop/Release, with an Extended Slide Stop/Release unit. I think everything else should be left alone. I like the Stippling or Grip Texturing but that is just my personal opinion.

I guess the moral is that modifications are great for range use, IF they serve some purpose. Just realize that probably 90%+ of the modifications out there will affect reliability negatively.
I want to echo this statement from 21Carrier.

Almost all aftermarket modifications will adversely affect reliability. PERIOD.

That is why we say that if this tool is a Self Defense weapon; leave it stock for the most part. An extended slide stop or night sights will improve your control over your tool. Other than that, I would shoot it a whole bunch before I changed anything else. If you do change anything, always check to see how that modification affects your reliability. My advice, start with the sights and buy at least 6 or 8 standard capacity (15 rounders for my Glock 20) and practice drawing from concealment and hitting a man sized target. Do this to figure out what you need to change on your pistol to increase positive control over your sidearm.

As an afterthought, our words matter, folks. The left is beating us to death with these tricky words. The Glock 17 9mm was not designed with a 10 round magazine. It was designed with a 17 round magazine, so that is the "Standard Capacity" magazine for the Glock 17. The 10 round magazine is a "Reduced Capacity" magazine. Our words matter.


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With the invasive Giant African Snail located here I am probably going to get grip plugs for mine in case one wants get in there...
All covered there. :rofl: I have the slug plug, just because I like how it looks really. And it's not a "mechanical" change to the gun, so no loss in reliability.

Night sights are a big plus for most people, but my eyes don't like em. I have a hard time seeing beyond them in very low light. Like lighting a candle in a dark room, and trying too see what's past it. If I can't see the bright white factory sights, I need to turn on a light. And as it happens, I have a switch in my bedroom, that kicks on ALL the front-of-house lights.

Other mods? If it's not an "RTF" model, I like using grip tape, as it doesn't bulk up the already fat grip of the Glock as much as the slip-ons do. My current is a G22 RTF2, so I'm fine the way it is.

Others? I tinkered on some of my old guns, but I'm now of the mindset that the guys at Glock, might just know a bit more about building Glocks than I do.

I've left mine alone this time. I pull the trigger, it goes bang. Every time.

What is there to improve?

That being said, it's YOUR gun buddy. Leave it alone, or go nuts with it.
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