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In 2020, I purchased an all-black Kineti-Tech Aluminum Style #2 trigger only to install on my factory trigger bar to use in a Gen 4 G19. While this install was a few years ago, this Glock was fired approx 200 rounds and dry fired here and there as I focused on another platform. Here are pics installed on the G19.

It has run fine but I decided to go back to factory set up to help defray the costs of a light and optic for a G48 MOS.

I did have a fail on the install which is purely cosmetic. The instructions said to use a press or vise to push in the roll pin. I had roll pin punches and decided to try that method. Just short of flush, the pin stopped, and my roll pin punch started to bend. I had to finish to flush with a Starrett punch that was a tad oversized and pushed up the coating around the pin. Purely cosmetic and does not affect function. The smaller pin on the trigger safety that was already installed also rode a little high and I can't leave well enough alone, and I did the same thing to that hole, push the coating while tapping the roll pin flush. Again cosmetic. To the untrained eye, they will never see it. See pics

The finish on around the trigger pin hole on the non-ejection side also rubbed off due to a raised jagged edge on the firing pin stop lever. I stoned that lever to remove the raised edge but not before it removed that coating around the hole. This part rides in the pistol and you will never see it. See pic.

Dot trigger bar from a G17 Gen 4 (brand new blank factory trigger bar used for the install)

This will fit any Gen 4 17/22/31 19/23/32 26/27/33 34/35
$50 shipped US CONT ONLY for the Trigger and Trigger Bar (I would ask for more, but my cosmetic boo boos got me)
Not interested in any trades
PM for payment options.

thanks for looking