Glock (style) Challenge Match August 20 Louisville, KY

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    SportShooters Indoor Range GSSF Indoor League Starts in September so for the Date in August that we would normally have a GSSF Match (the 20th) we will have a GSSF style match that anyone can shoot in. The Match will be the GSSF indoor Match but you can use any center fire handgun not just Glock's. The only rule will be no optics. So if you want to shoot a broom handle Mouser you are welcome. Now on to the good part.
    First place will pay cash $100.00 and we intend to pay all the way back to 10th place. Number of entries will determine how much payout will be back to 10th.
    Enter as many different guns as you want to shoot.
    We are calling this our Glock challenge match because we are letting all handguns shoot the GSSF Indoor match so if you are more comfortable with that STI shoot it.
    I know this is conflicting with some other matches in the area but we are running this from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm so you should be able to shoot IDPA in Wilmore and still get here to shoot.
    Entry fee will be $20.00 each gun.
    Target will be the NRA D-1
    No string is longer than 10 shots
    Questions? Ask me here or call 502-540-9901