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Glock Standard sights

  1. I have been accustomed to shooting my Glocks with Trijicon nite sites, and am having a difficult time patterning my G21 with standard sights. I like the three dot setup instead of the U design. The 21 is mostly a range gun without the need for nights.

    Does anyone make an affordable(considerably less than the price of Trijicon nites)three dot non-tritium sight set, or does any one have a set of dated/used up Trijicons they are willing to seperate from. Maybe even trade out sites.

    If there are no reccommendations, I'll prolly just go with the Trij.

  2. Check out Lone Wolf Dist. for some 3 (white) dot sights.
  3. I see even Trijicon makes a non-tritium 3 dot site when looking on the LWD website. Thats the one!!

  4. Heinie.


  5. I haven't ever experienced this situation personally, but weren't there a couple of posts on here about white dot sights chipping or fading after extensive use/cleaning? I seem to recall some remedies were white out and nail polish.
  6. Your welcome.
  7. Ameriglo makes a GREAT steel sight set, combat and target version.
    Check them out.
  8. I have tried alot i think novak white dots are the best for the range. I had problems i couldnt pick up the front site at all with fiber,hi-viz, trijicon so the novaks work the best for me

    good luck
  9. Heinie makes a three-dot sight? :shocked: