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Glock Shortage?

  1. I was set on getting myself a Glock 19 today, but it seems like not a single shop in my area of WI has any Glocks at all. Is this just my area or is this nation-wide?
  2. All stores are running on short supply.
  3. Remember shipping? I went to a sportmens ware house yesterday, the place was almost sold out of everything. I did ask why and the older guy said the shipping can't get through due to the protest. I was able to buy 200 rounds of 10mm though, but all .45 and most of 9mm, 556 were all gone.
  4. It’s like, nobodies been awake the last 3 months.

    Covid panic then anarchist rioting has wiped out the supply of all guns, especially pistols.
  5. Well hopefully after Trump wins a second term, all this will quiet down and everything will be back in stock.
  6. Check the Internet
  7. PSA sent a flyer.

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  8. I went into a new (for me) range / gun store yesterday to shoot some reloads. When I pulled into the parking lot, it looked like a used car lot. It was just about full. Inside, the place was packed. I thought I'd have to wait to get on a lane, but just about everyone else was there buying guns! The cases were just about empty of anything self-defense oriented. I saw an employee coming out of the back carrying just about all the boxed Glocks he could carry. It was crazy.
  9. I just got a G34. I went after a G17, but the guy convinced me that what I really wanted was a 34. He was right. He did it because he HAD a 34, but he was still right.

    I said, “Yeah, I guess with all the sales, guns are hard to get these days?” He told me, “I don’t know what’s happening with Glock. I’m getting regular shipments from Ruger and everybody else- even hard-to-get stuff. But Glock just isn’t keeping up.” I also know that Glock is filling a big government order, so...

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  10. As noted in the March record sales thread, this explains a lot regarding why you are having a tough time finding the handgun you want!


    March was the top gun sales month of any month in history (3.7M NICS checks). April broke all prior April sales total records. And now...

    ...the May numbers are in. No surprise. Once again they obliterated the prior May gun sales records. By almost 700,000 checks!

    Given the current violence, anxiety, and fear, I have little reason to believe June will be much different.

    3,091,455 NICS checks were conducted in May 2020 (previous record of 2,349,309 checks set in May 2019). Source: https://www.fbi.gov/file-repository/nics_firearm_checks_-_month_year.pdf/view

  11. What shortage?
  12. Sellers market.
    I listed a shooter grade fish gill g17 this morning. Got 4 buyers lined up.
    When they lowball me I'm gonna be all like JIL30Bg.gif
  13. Yeah you aren't alone OP, had a hell of a time finding my G43. Keep looking, it'll happen!
  14. No shortage of Glocks at my house! :)
  15. Bottom line I am just tired of tinkering with 1911s and want to try something else. Police and military all seem to use Glock must be a good reason.
  16. Glock I'm sure is having the same problems as all manufacturing at the moment. Over demand for the product. You think there is unrest now, watch when he gets re-elected. Guns and ammo will be flying off the shelves from now on, I see no end in sight for the foreseeable future.
  17. The only new G30's I see are on Gunbroker with high bidding..
  18. I can tell you that i live in a fairly large city, and you cant hardly find a decent pistol anywhere. Went to 4 shops today, and finally found my G27 at Academy Sports. but the other 3 shops were all sold out of anything bigger than a 380.
  19. I
    I see another scenario. What if he is not re-elected.

    There are 77 days between Election Day and Inauguration Day. You think post Sandy Hook was bad, well ...
  20. Fully stocked in my neck of the woods.
  21. Welcome to Glock Talk.
    There has been...for 35 years.

    Military and LEO agencies use stock Glock pistols...no tinkering with internals allowed. :)
  22. Where is that? It is one of the few places folks wouldn't want to put some used guns up for sale, because places around here have guns flying off the shelves! The NICS data matches what I am seeing (HUGE increase in sales volumes, resulting in ammo and guns being spread thin).
  23. They are shipping them. Just find out when the next shipment is due and run on down.

    Or shop online.
  24. Best time to buy firearms, ammo, and magazines is when the good times roll. When the SHTF and TEOTWAWKI comes it's too late. Good luck and be safe.

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  25. traveled 2 hours to get a blue label 43, lgs had BL 43 with night sights but that wasn't what I was looking for.

    and ya, the gun counters were hopping, but a short wait getting on the range.
  26. There are no 9mm handguns anywhere in my area. My wife wanted a CCW and I was able to find a G26 at Sportsman's Warehouse online just before Mothers Day. They had G17's earlier this week online but they disappeared in less than 24 hours. If you have one in your area keep an eye on the website.
  27. I couldn't find a G42 anywhere online... so looked on gun forums and found one right here on GT!
    In my opinion, better to have high demand for guns and ammo than slow sales.. keeps the industry relevant and busy! (which equates to new designs and competition between manufacturers... which is better for the consumer!)
  28. Plenty of them at my LGS ...for now :2gun:

  29. Hey OP, there's a G19 for sale on here now.
  30. Our local Cabelas in Hamburg, PA opened today. THey had a fraction of their usual Glock offerings. G40 MOS, G45, G43X, G20SF and G26.
  31. Same boat here. Like everyone here I own several GLOCKs but I wanted to add a 19 as an extra home protection gun that would fit my wife.

    I had to make a lot of phone calls before I found a store that had just one Gen 5 left in stock. It was a four hour round trip drive to get it but I have it now and it was worth it. Hopefully they'll start filling in the shelves again shortly.
  32. My last trip to the LGS's had all of the cabinets pretty empty; Plenty of Kimbers, revolvers and long guns though. Prices were stupid across the board.
  33. Yesterday, I asked the gun dealer I deal with to try and locate a G30. He was able to get me a G42 and G26 recently but today his email stated no good with his distributors on a G30.
  34. gunstores near me have tons of glocks, most new gun buyers seem to be going for the used stuff.
  35. Maybe other Glocks but I can't find an online dealer that has a G30. I must have a dozen notify me when one comes in email address notifications..
  36. yes i will say it is 9mm glocks galore, plus used .40s, .45s are hard to find.
  37. Gunbroker just had a new G30 sell for $790 with shipping. Add another 3% if a credit caard was used. Wow!
  38. If you can find a used 23 Gen 3 it is a LOT of gun. I have bought 2 in the last 6 months or so for < 350. It is a 3 caliber platform 9mm/357Sig/40. So are several other of the larger bore Glocks. Just a though.

    I have a G22 and G35 serving as 2/3 gun pistols with 9mm barrels and they have been flawless through 1000s of rounds.

    One of my G23s is dedicated to 9mm and has ran flawless.

    For SD or EDC, it would be best to have the native config. However, none of the above I would hesitate to use for they are proven. YMMV.
  39. I’m taking a 4th gen G22 and a pair of 870s to the local shop tomorrow. Less than 900 in them all told and the owner says I’ll probably double my money.
    Looks like the time to get the return on my investment and upgrade some stuff.
  40. Another reason to go for the G43X or G48. Plenty of 48's in my area FS, not so much on the 17s or 19s.
  41. My Dept. G17/G19 order is almost a month old and still waiting on some G19s.
  42. I have 3 times more firearms than limbs....I have been stocking ammo and a few recoil springs at this point.
  43. when demand is greater than supply = shortage.
  44. And this too, shall soon pass.......
  45. Nonsense.
  46. I bought another pistol yesterday. The shop was really busy but they were fully stocked with guns and ammo. If your local store cannot maintain inventory I think that says more about their management. Well run stores get new shipments from distributors daily. If your store receives inventory once every two weeks and when its gone its gone until the next shipment they are poorly run or under capitalized.
  47. You shouldn't have waited so long and now expect to find one with all this civil unrest. But a used one of off Armslist
  48. My local place I go shooting at had a G17 yesterday. They said they got their shipment in on Thursday, by Saturday, all they had was the the 17 and a CZ, and the assortment of used stuff I that's been there for weeks. They had a 26 last weekend or the weekend before. And a 48 one Saturday. They said most stuff goes out as soon as it comes in.

    All out of ARs and AKs. Still had other rifles and shotguns.

    It's been this way since I started going there every week since middle of March.

    I just ordered my guns online. But I check every week just in case there's something I can't pass up.

    I haven't checked other places locally. I have a range membership, so that's where I go to shoot once or twice a week.
  49. I can't find much of anything here in Sacramento. I was looking for a G19 Gen 3 (because of the restrictions). There's someone selling a brand new one for $700 but I'm thinking that's a bit expensive.
  50. I've also noticed police trade-ins, 40 S&W, 45auto and 357 SIG aren't lasting very long either. From what I read, most buyers now are first timers who are afraid during this time of anarchists.

    Fortunately, I was able to buy ammunition during the time it was a buyer's market...now the prices have increased rather dramatically.