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Glock rep. mentions mfg. problem with "bad batch of G23 mags"

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Met glock rep today, locally passing thru the gun joint.

Told him about the G30/g21 trigger bars, cams etc etc.... He was unaware of that problem

However he did mention: "we recently uncovered an issue with a large batch of defective G23 mags.......the feed lips were incorrectly formed on the G23 mags"

what "big batch" refers to in #'s, who knows

I assume with bad feed lips there were some feeding problems.

If youve been having feed problems with your G23, it might be this missformed mag manufacture problem centered at Glock Inc.

thankfully I dont have any G23's.
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thanks for taking the time to pass along the intel CCI.
Not like GLOCK to admit there is a problem.

Thankfully I HAVE the G23 and have no problems with any of my mags...

Of course it could be because they have that little "1" next to the GLOCK logo.

You can read about it in this thread right here on GT
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