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Hello, I got a muzzle brake for my glock 17 lg match threaded barrel and the guy I ordered it from on eBay said that the crusher is meant to sort of cave in when the muzzle brake is put on. He said it can move as muchas 27" degrees. Well without torquing the mule brake is about 50 degrees off center to the left and now it's almost half way to the middle bottom after I tried to put it on.

My question is this safe for my barrel as in will it be damaged and same for the barrel. Number two I need to be able to get some leverage so is there a vice block for a glock barrel? And my final question is is do I really need to torque it that much? Can I use spacers and lock tight?

I did forgot the grease the threads so right now I put the brake and barrel into some oil.

Also without the magazine out why does the slide release catch on the slide when I pull the slide back with the Original barrel? With the threaded match barrel the slide release won't catch the slide with the mag out.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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