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glock pricing

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I want something compact so I was told either the 26 or 36.What is the average price for these 2 models?
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36 GSSF Price $464. Dealer price probably $525 or so. 26 GSSF is $398, Dealer probably $525 again. Just my guess on the dealer prices.
If you shop around, at least in my area, a NIB G26 can be found for $460-490. A NIB G36 would run $500-530.

But, you can also walk into numerous shop that will charge you $550 for a G26 and $600 for a G36.
well the price was $499 before tax.I may end up getting something else i don't know.I will have to go there and see how it feels in my hand.If I pick up a 1911 tho I know I wont buy that glock.I want to get something in 9mm to get the ole lady shooting so she wont be afraid of guns.I dont want to get a 45 for her but she did like the feel of the 1911
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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