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Glock perfection? G41

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Hmm . . . dont think so this time. I just obtained a new G41 and during close inspection, I found a few bizarre quirks about this gun that I never had in my gen1 G19 or gen4 G23.

The slide is at an angle and there is a HUGE gap between the slide and frame (at the slide release area) that is wide enough to slip a dime in, almost a penny. The gap is too wide. This is to be a woods gun but if so it will collect so much grit, dirt and crap inside it might be unreliable.

The odd thing is that during slide reassembly, that prong hits the backplate and I must lift that slide substantially in order to get it assembled.
Have any of y'all had this problem? I am not going to even shoot this gun and have contacted Glock.


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With that much space between parts, I guess it's a good bet that it won't float. :)
I have never seen anything like it. No other glocks I have seen are like that. This must be one if the retards that slipped through the cracks. Here is a picture of what a G41 frame fit should look like.


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