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Some parts may fit various Glock models, if you have any questions, ask...

I recently purchased a Used Glock 30s that came with a bunch of bells and whistles. I prefer to keep my Glock with Factory Stock parts. When I purchased the gun I was told it had 300 rounds fired through it. I removed these parts immediately after purchasing the gun. If there is still honest people out there these parts should only have 300 rounds on them. Therefore, they should all be in Like New condition.

See pictures below

- One (1) Glockmeister stainless steel Recoil Spring assembly. $30 Shipped - Sold Slickrick73!
Here is some information I pulled from Glockmeisters website :

This recoil spring assembly works for the following GLOCK models: 29, 29SF, 30, 30SF, 30S and 36.

Shooters looking for an upgrade from the stock recoil system will be rewarded when trying a Glockmeister stainless steel recoil spring assembly. The stainless steel guide rod gives 100% reliability with a unit that will never crack or break. Many shooters experience tighter groups from the increased performance over the stock guide rod.
Like all Glockmeister products this guide rod is made to the highest standards using the highest quality materials available. CNC machined here in the United States.
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- One (1) Double Diamond 3.5 lb Trigger Connector $20 Shipped - SOLD tic-tok-GLOCK
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The Last items for sale I would like to sell as a package. Parts removed from a Glock 30s that has a 2014 manufacture date, ALL parts were buffed/polished at all points where metal comes into contact with metal. ALL parts appear to be the latest parts available from Glock using the individual numbers or marks to identify them.

Parts include:
-one Glock Serrated Trigger
-one Glock Firing Pin
-one Glock Extractor Depressor Plunger
-one Glock 5lb Trigger Connector
-one Glock Firing pin Safety

$30 Shipped

Grey Wire
Iron Metal Tool Steel Silver

I will ship the items USPS w/Tracking info within 72 hours after receiving payment (Paypal only). Send me a private message for payment details....

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