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Glock money

  1. So, what's your technique for squirreling it away, unseen, until there's enough to buy a new one? :whistling:

    This might be good.
  2. Layaway. i go to a gun shop that has a generous layaway policy. Lucky for them really because there are cheaper gun stores around, but the layaway policy is liberal so that makes it easier to buy,
    I have bought a ruger mini 14 (used, $600) and my 26 (new, $650) from them, this way.
  3. It all comes out of the same bucket podna. Just keep a tight lid on yer bucket.
  4. Any and all paper change under a $20.00 bill goes directly into the old cigar box on the bookshelf. Coins in a jar obviously.

    ...saves up quicker than you may think.
  5. That's pretty much what I do too. It's amazing really how fast it accumulates. Also, we get a lot of overcharge refund checks from medical services. Those are like, $10, $20... those go right in the checking account that I have set up for this kind of stuff.

    I keep it separate, that way I can categorize it easily in my mind, and it's easier to track ...
  6. At work we do a direct deposit split into (up to four ) accounts, so I just have 100 - 300 a month stashed in a bank account from another state. That way I don't count on it but when I check that account online and see $$$ I start drooling over what's next. I've been a bad boy this year though already 3 new purchases...
  7. I have a money tree growing in my backyard. When the time is right I go pick some off it.
  8. I have a specific savings account titled "zombie fund". Yeah, I can check it online, but IRS more fun to go to a teller. :)
  9. Just money in my savings account and let it build up... I don't have a trouble saving, I don't really spend money on things, but my hobbies and bills.
  10. Me too! Keep it on the down low, though. The IRS still doesn't know about mine.
  11. Make a budget.
  12. Working my fanny off all year and getting a bonus that exceeds my annual salary!! G35 this year.
  13. I seldom get any kind of bonus. Teachers rarely do.
  14. teachers, military and first responders should be paid higher than doctors!! You guys are shaping minds(teachers) and saving us from those whose minds have wandered(military, first responders).
  15. We all keep saying that, then they tell us to go back to babysitting their kids every day.

    (I'm a teacher, btw)

  16. the military is kind of SOL because we have to get our pay raises approved by Congress
  17. Maybe you should run for Congress. They don't seem to have any problem with giving themselves raises... :whistling:
  18. i should , i did do a tour in Afghanistan which is more than i can say about those blood sucking leaches

    but i lived a very "full" life as a enlisted man and i'm sure MSNBC would have a field day
  19. Easier said than done, but make a budget and stick to it.
    Every Dollar you earn has a job:

    $X pays for you housing
    $Y buys food
    $10-$20 (or whatever) each check for glocks
  20. I put the extra $ is a savings account.
  21. gotta love the oscar tango!!!:devildance:

  22. ++++1 heck yeah!!
  23. We really appreciate our kid's teachers. Very grateful for the work you all do. And some teachers should qualify for combat pay.
  24. I go to the ATM on payday and take out say 100 bucks (if I can spare it) then I take it home, put a post it note on it, with the date, amount and what I'm saving for, Then toss it in one of the drawers in my Gunsafe...

    Then, next pay period if I can afford to add to the fund I'll do the same...

    I like to buy in cash if possible...

    Seems like if I have it in the checkbook or savings account its super easy for us to get to and spend...

    Seems to work pretty good for me...
  25. $650 for a 26? I have never heard of anything like that before.
  26. Wow at my shop all glocks are $495. You paid a lot for that 26..

  27. i am a broke college student so i try to save money and then end up having to buy food and stuff lol super hard
  28. You won't be a broke college kid forever. You're young... plenty of time to buy guns later, when you can afford to.