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Your argument has merit, but I chose to digress. Opposing legal counsel will do everything and anything in order to weaken your case and throw some doubt into a Jury's mind. The fact that you may have changed out a connector, or a trigger or polished some internals will not matter if its a bad shoot. In a good shoot, all of the aforesaid is defensible with the right expert(s) providing supporting testimony...
Certainly, the fact that OEM vs non-OEM *could* matter in a legal proceeding is precisely the point, and I raised it for mags because it was not a part of the thread up to that point. Why should CCW holders "pre-stack" the deck against themselves in the event that hopefully never-to-happen incident does actually occur?

Beforehand (I.e., all the time, until it happens), no one knows how the legal system will be able to portray the actual unfortunate events (a "good" versus a "bad" event is not ordained by god but is precisely the result of the legal proceedings *afterward* which will be subjectively based on OEM or not, in part), and we have seen how the media and public opinion can also play a role (no cases need be named, but in some famous ones were all aware of people have taken diametrically opposing positions and will never agree).
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