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Glock Mag Fed, FX-9 Pistol Caliber Carbine (ok, pistol, actually)

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Freedom Ordnance FX-9 Pistol (replete with KAK brace)
Got Mrs OMC one of these for her birthday;, and we finally carried it out to the range this afternoon, boy, what a blast! It's soooo nice to have a brand new firearm just plain hit the gates running and work like a champ, which is exactly what this little pistol caliber (9mm) carbine pistol did. Runs Glock 17 mags, the only one that was problematic was an ETS clear mag, which was stiff to insert but the gun never missed a beat, and was a big hit with her, and the couple of friends that we passed it around to. The trigger was nothing special, but not worse then a regular AR factory unit. I couldn't resist putting a few "creature comforts" on it for her, a set of BUIS, a Bushnell TRS 25 red dot, and an ambi safety (the wife is sinister) along with a Magpul AFG-1.
I highly recommend this (albeit based on a sample of one)...