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Have a few items for sale or possible trade.

3 Glock 20 hi cap mags, new style w ambi cut, 60.00 shipped for all three

1 Springfield xd 45 13rd mag 25.00 shipped

1 S&W M&P 10rd .45 mag 20.00 shipped ***SPF to Underdog314. Please PM me as the email will not go through***


Safariland 6320 w M3 light for Glock 20,21 Rough finish (tac?) Right hand 65.00 shipped

Safariland 6320 w m3 light for Glock 34,35 smooth finish Right hand 65.00 shipped

LASERMAX internal laser for Glock 20,21 250.00 shipped

Will consider trades to include: XS sights for marlin 1895gs, other sights and goodies for same, Optics, LH holster for the 35 cc or duty, Knives, guns, Ar stuff, gold, silver, or ??

Please email as it is the fastest way to contact me. I will take pics if needed
1 - 6 of 6 Posts