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    I caught a .357 SIG gold dot that set back really, really far back in the case on the FIRST chambering. I just happened to unload it to let my friend check out the size and weight of a compact Glock and was like holy %^*+!! If I would have had to fire that round I would have been in serious trouble. I know it is one time in a million that would happen from a premium self defense round, but I’ve read that .357 SIG is more prone to set back than other handgun rounds. A .45 acp case has more than enough room for a double charge to not be noticed and I would think the bullet would have to set back pretty far to bring the pressure past 10mm, which that frame can handle well. I’m scratching my head. Glad your injury wasn’t as severe as it could have been.

    Note* I couldn’t get over that instance of bullet setback I had with the sig and traded my 23 with 32 barrel for a 19 and some fun stick mags.

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    I don't want to sound like an echo . . . but it was the brass! Range pick-up, bulged, brass. Metal fatigue! There's not enough damage to his pistol for a double charge! The barrel doesn't indicate a squib to me. It was the brass. Maybe a bit out of battery?
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    Yea, they should. I had one of their early progressive presses with the "disk" measures, and they were never right. You had to verify the hole chosen was actually throwing the right weight with a scale (their charts were never right), and then make sure you were getting powder in the case. Sometimes you didnt.

    I scrounge any pistol brass I come across, as long as it looks OK when I pick it up. Brass is brass for blasting ammo.

    I also shoot my pistol brass to failure (normally a split/cracked case), and thats brass thats constantly loaded and a LOT of reloads in its life. Most of it is "mixed" lots to boot.

    The only downside, which is also actually a plus side, in one respect, are random stoppages in the autos, due to the case rims getting chewed up by the extractors over time causing extraction problems. Great for unplanned malfunction drills.

    If you think your brass is worn out after a couple of loadings and you scrap it, send it to me, Ill take it and wear it out some more. :)

    Sometimes you do everything right, everything looks good and feels right, and **** just happens too.

    I had a M1 Garand go grenade on me in a match shooting factory/issue LC ball. People will tell you it cant happen, and there you go.

    If you think a 45acp kaboom is exciting, you should try 30-06. :)

    Id be willing to bet, if you saw one round that was set back, you actually shot a bunch more that you never checked that were as well.

    With that round and the proper load, set back is a non issue.
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    Your own reloads!!!!