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Glock IWB holsters all RH unless marked.

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1, Kramer #3 IWB fits G 17/22, this is a nice horse hide holster 1 1/2 to 1 1/4 belt loop.
Very good holster. I trimmed the extra part of the belt loops but it fits my 1.5 belt just fine. $85

2, Mitch Rosen, Express line USD SPF and ARG both are for a G17/22 with 1.5’’ belt loops and like new. I really like both of these and will get the standerd verision $75 ea.

3, FIST, Thin Kydex adjustable cant clip, 1.5’’ belt loop, fits G35 very nice holster. $40

4, Comp-Tac,
Infadel with 1.5’’ belt clip and Gurkha strut. I have several of these and they are all set up the same way. $70 ea
1, G17/22
2, G35/34
3, G21 sf pic rail

More Comp-Tac stuff.
one Infadel with leather loops and it is mesing some hardware $50.
CTAC with the older style clips for small frame Glock’s G26 to G17L. $70

Milt Sparks
VMII, LH, For Glock 19/23 Black with 1.5’’ loops. in very good shape. $120. SPF
I will ship ( all prices are + shipping)

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts