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Hey all,

I tried finding a thread on this and couldn't seem to find one, but I'm sure this issue has been brought up before.

Recently I started getting into the more competitive style of shooting pistols and as I've been reading, practicing, and absorbing as much as I can from top shooters. Many resources point to having a high thumbs forward grip. Guys like Bob Vogel have a ridiculously high grip. When I shoot, this actually works great and I can see my sights tracking back to the target but my cadence is still slow.

My issue is that now with this new super high grip, my left thumb has been frequently causing the slide stop to actuate. I replaced the factory extended to the normal factory slide stop in hopes this would solve the issue, which it did not. Any tips on weak hand grip placement would be appreciated. Do you guys float the weak hand thumb or just move it further down the grip?
I happen to like Bob Vogel's instruction methods. YMMV
Everyone has their own training instructions that work for them. ;)

You have probably seen this video by Bob Vogel:


If you go to approximately 2:45 of the video he talks about the slide stop lever. Notice where he places his strong hand thumb and his weak hand thumb.

I had to practice grip placement until it became second nature. I place my weak hand thumb further down the grip then I used to.
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