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Glock gets CIB

  1. RIGHT ON!
  2. They did a fine job. I thought about getting my Combat Parachutist Badge on the mag well of an AR (one of these days). Looking at that, I might get both - my CIB and CPB. :)

    Very impressive!
  3. I'd like to getsomething done on mine as well, and yep the AR would be sweet!

  4. That looks GREAT! I had "Fallschirmjaeger" etched on the slide of my G19 out in Vegas while doing a security gig at the jewelry show in June. Wasn't sure if this jewelry engraving machine could scratch the finish, but it came out nice.:thumbsup:
  5. Why did you have that engraved on your pistol?
  6. I got it engraved on my pistol because my old lady would die if I got it tattooed on my chest. I was an active duty 11B and recieved the CIB from my duty during the first Gulf War.
    Attached is a phot of my fire team leade CPL M. Weidner pinning on my CIB
  7. I think he was asking NYS Ret.5763 the interesting question of why he got "'Fallschirmjaeger' etched on the slide of [his] G19."
  8. "Fallschirmjaeger" means "Hunter from the Sky" in German..the name for their paratroopers dating back to WW2. I served with the 82d from 1983-86, therefore......:whistling:
    SORRY, it took SO LONG to respond, I was on active duty from 6/4/07 to 6/19/08 including 8 months in Iraq. Look forward to being back on GlockTalk. AIRBORNE...ALL THE WAY!!!:supergrin:
  9. Nice job!

    I bought my first Glock, a model 27 awhile back, through the International Associations of Bomb Technicians & Investigators. (IABTI) At the time they had Glock put out three choices (Model 26,27 and 22) with the IABTI emblem and the words IABTI 20th Anniversary on the slide.

    I still carry this everyday.

    I also have a 1st Generation Glock 20 10MM w/ night sights.
  10. Of course, many Paratroopers have earned German Para wings and wear them on their dress uniform. They can be called a 'Fallschirmjaeger' for real! :supergrin:
  11. what dose something like that cost to do,, I would like to get one.

  12. hey nys ret 5763
    can you take a photo of your glock with the fallschirmjaeger,

    thank you
  13. As for a picture..I'll have to get my 16 yr.old son on that...you're "seeing" the extent of my computer knowledge right now!!:cool: