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Went with the men in the family on a road trip down to Lewiston, ID where they have numerous gun shops.

Went to three different gun shops; a Sportsman's Warehouse, North 40 Farm and Home store, and Lolo Sporting Goods.

All three had Gen 5s in stock and I asked to see them. I looked at three of them at Sportman's Warehouse. Prices ranged from $569 to $599.

Every single one I looked at had the rear sight installed off-center and all had the non-beveled frame. None of the counter people knew that the newer ones were coming with beveled slides and none knew about the release of the gen 5 26 and 34 MOS.

Just thought I'd share some Gen 5 news in my neck of the woods.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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