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Glock Cleaning Video?

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by Vitals, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Vitals


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    Aug 1, 2012
    Someone posted a good video of Glock cleaning tips but I am not able to find it. Is there a good video that has good instructions on how often you want to be cleaning and how detailed the strip needs to get?
  2. youngdocglock


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    Jun 28, 2012
    I havnt seen any.

    But ill give you my two cents.

    Clean it every time you shoot it. If you dont shoot it at least once a month.

    For general purposes a simple field strip *remove slide, spring and barrel* will do. However if you make her a very dirty girl. A full detail strip may be warranted. However i have a Gen1 17 that has had over 10k put through it......never been cleaned once and still runs so you dont really HAVE to clean it :) but its good form to do so regularly :)

    If you need to detail strip it here is a how to....from me

    Remove magazine. Check clear.

    Pull trigger.
    pull slide rearward 1/8th of an inch and depress locking tabs.
    Remove slide
    Remove spring
    Remove barrel.

    Flip slide over
    You will see the striker towards the rear, infront of it there is a small plastic tube *black* that surrounds it.

    Take a small flat head screwdriver and push it towards the front of the slide.

    Take your thumb and remove the slide cover plate slowly. Half way through this you should cover the entire plate with your thumb and slowly remove it *this will keep the striker/extractor plunger from taking a ride through the air.

    Once you've removed the cover plate, pull the extractor pluger out. Then the striker.

    Then you can pull out the extractor itself, then the firing pin safety+spring.

    Clean all parts with solvent :) let dry.

    Re assemble in this order

    1st. Insert extractor and align with frame.
    2nd. Insert firing pin safety/spring pressing it all the way down, you will feel it click and lock in the extractor.

    3rd. Insert the extractor plunger.
    4th. Insert the striker assembly.
    5th align the slide cover into the grooves and push it in until it contacts the striker assembly.
    6th. use the screwdriver to press the firing pin assembly into the slide and push the slide cover in until it is stopped by the plunger. Then use the driver to press the plunger into the slide. as you do this push the slide cover all the way into position, it will click when its there.


    1st take a punch and remove the rear pin located in the grip of the weapon.

    2nd. Remove the top pin located above the trigger housing.

    3rd remove the trigger pin.

    Now you can remove the slide stop.

    4th use a small punch or screwdriver to remove the locking block.

    5th grasp the trigger mechanism housing and pull up slightly. then remove it while connected to the trigger bar.

    wallah the gun is apart.

    To clean the trigger bar and trigger housing. Simply hold the trigger bar in your right hand, and the housing in your left and twist it gently pressing the trigger bar forward while moving the housing back, this will allow it to slip from the groove in the housing and come somewhat loose. Then disconnect it from the trigger spring.

    Next you can remove the connector, this is simple. Just pull it out of the housing.

    Clean all the parts and reassemble in reverse order

    Place the assembly back into the frame and lock it in by re inserting the rear pin that you removed from the grip.

    Heres where its a tad tricky. after you have the whole trigger assembly in. Place the locking block in.

    Then place the slide stop where it goes, and insert the main trigger pin. tap it into place.

    Second you need to barely start the top pin back into the hole. You will see that the spring connected to the slide stop is in the way, take a small punch and push this spring down while inserting the top pin fully. The spring should ride UNDER this pin, not ontop of it.

    Reassemble barrel/spring into slide, lube and slap it back together.


    unload it. Then take a cleaning rod and look at the bottom of the floor plate. You will see a small notch with a button, push the cleaning rod into this notch depressing the button, then crank it gently forward which will "unlock" the floor plate.

    Remove the rod and slide the floor plate off slowly while covoring the whole bottom of the mag with your thumb *to prevent the spring from flying off*.

    Remove the mag insert. the spring and follower, clean everything and re assemble :)

    Your done.

    If any terms used are confusing here is a glock parts diagram to help you out

    hope this helps :)

  3. youngdocglock


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    Jun 28, 2012
    scratch that. i found a video for you that shows the process i just described :)

    [ame=""]Glock Detail Strip And Reassembly (IN HD) - YouTube[/ame]
  4. glockpeter


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    Feb 23, 2008
  5. BuffaloBo


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    Jun 22, 2004
    :wow: OMG!

    How about giving the old bathtub a scrub once in a while?

    Wow..... just wow......:upeyes: