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Danke Welcome to Glock Talk, from San Antonio Texas. Any questions you have on any of the Glock pistols you should be able to get them answered by fellow Glock owners out here on this forum.

Like mist of the guys have said, we have drawers full of holsters, leather, Kydex. Lately I've been carrying my G23 in a kydex holster made by Storm Holsters you can find them on Facebook. You will in time accumulate many holsters.

If you buy a pocket holster for your g42. Remember when you draw your gun out of your pocket, the holster should stay in the pocket.

Under no circumstances should you ever try to re holster your G4w with your holster still in your pocket. Always remove the holster from your pocket and then re holster your G42 and then you would place your holstered weapon back in your pocket.

Trying to re holster your G42 with the holster in your pocket you could discharge your weapon and possibly shooting yourself. Just some safety to think about.

Again welcome, GDoc
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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