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Glock Buyers Guide Magazine

  1. Is there a source for the Glock Autopistols Buyers Guide magazine. For some reason they have become scarce in my area. I am missing 2008, 09, 2010 in the recent years and a few from the 1990's.

    Can someone tell me when the magazine began publication? Is there a source for back issues?

  2. IIRC, Harris Publications.
  3. When will the new one come out?
  4. Usually in January/February
  5. Harris publications usually has some back issues for sale.

    E-bay is where I had to go to get the last few mid-90s issues to complete my collections of both the Annuals and the Autopistols versions.

  6. I appreciate everyone's input and the great information. I will check out the referenced sources and look for the newest edition after the first of the year.
    Once again you guys have impressed me with your resources and information.