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Whats the best Light and laser combo that would fit a G32 or G23?

I am looking into buying Streamlight M6. Any input greatly aprreciated.
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Best? A big metal handheld flashlight.:rollsmiley: It is also used for education purposes should deadly force not be necessary... Lasers are for hippies and blind people.:supergrin: On a more serious note, you might check out the TL1-2 series. I hear good things:)
There are a few lights/lasers that will fit directly onto your Glock, if it is a 3rd generation (Has the tactical rail). If it’s not a 3rd gen you still have a few options (laserMax, Crimson). I recently purchased a TLR-2 and I absolutely love it. It is a great training aid and was sited in, in about 10 rounds. As for the brightness of the light, I am amazed at how bright this is. This will be more then enough light to light-up what ever you need. Easy to adjust, and very easy to turn on/off. Some people prefer flashlights, its all in what you like. If you like it and you can afford it, more power to you. I listed a link below that might help you; I would consider the TLR-2 before you bought the M6. I also posted a few pictures of my G22/w TLR-2.

Information about the lights.

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More than enough info I really appreciate it. Nice pictures, it looks really nice on a 22.

Thank you..
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