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I haven't carried my Glock in a while so I'm getting rid of some stuff.

Sidearmor IWB RH Black for 19/23/32 with 4 different 1 1/2" belt loops - 5, 15, 20 degree and cross draw loops with extra hardware and allen keys for holster and attachments. This is an older model holster with the two tension screws and not the one and in perfect shape, looks brand new. $65 shipped

Blade-Tech OWB RH Black for 17/22/31/19/23/32 with Insights M3 light attached with a fixed 1 1/2" belt loop. It won't really work without the light attached as it's made to hold it with the light. Worn only a few times, great condition. SOLD

LaserMax for G17/22/31. This was part of my gf's nightstand gun (Desi's butterfly gun) so the only action it's seen is 1 IDPA match to make sure the spring worked ok and to excite some animals. She decided that she doesn't want it. Box included $170 shipped


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