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    I saw this question asked on another forum and im having the same problem. Does anybody know a good way to sharpen a Glock field knife? I can never keep it close to the original edge. It always ends up being an edge within a edge. Will a the Tri-Angle Sharpmaker by Spyderco work?
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    Jun 2, 2002
    but i'll just reiterate my stand that a secondary bevel or rolled edge will never match the push-cutting ability of a single-bevel-honed knife. this holds, whether for flat-v types or hollow grounds. however, my solution usually results in a knife that's worn down to half its original width within a couple years of heavy use and constant honing. for your problem, i'm assuming you want to preserve the knife a little longer and expect its edge to be durable. for these reasons, a secondary bevel or a rolled edge is the answer. the 'sharpening' threads here will guide you to become a good sushi chef. check 'em out.