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Glock .45 Gen4 "Pyramid Trigger"

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I bought this trigger last year, installed in on my duty pistol, and was told "no" (only because of the color choice, not because of the trigger)... Now it's for sale. I have about 150 rounds through my pistol using it. I would continue to use it if I was smarter at the time I ordered it and bought simple black... I guess I got carried away with the ability to have something "custom". Just my luck, GS won't sell me just the trigger shoe replacement.

PS. I did NOT use the reduced power springs. They are still new in the package. I did not want to reduce my trigger weight when I installed this trigger.

This comes with everything listed on the website. I paid almost $200 after tax and shipping. I'll let it go for $150 shipped. My loss is your gain!
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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