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Glock 44 gen5

  1. 5B3E20A7-4BC9-42B2-BDC8-307CCA292B1A.jpeg 226B1995-B23C-4F66-ABFB-7698ED072FA3.jpeg Can someone tell me which is the right way for the return spring bar to go please?
  2. I posted more pictures in the thread you started on The High Road. There is a slot in the front of the housing that the pins fit into, then the spring, then the silver piece. It looks like the pointed end gets trapped in the slot .
  3. As I posted there.

    I get how it goes back together I’m just not sure which way the cure of the plastic spring bar goes up or down? Damn thing came apart before I could see how it goes as I’m changing reset spring.
    Plastic and I don’t play well together and I don’t want to keep putting it together to check but I may have to.
  4. I couldn't tell on mine without taking it completely apart. You can understand I didn't.
  5. I blew up the second to last photo I posted on The High Road and it looks like curved part goes on top and flat side on bottom.
  6. I was thinking the same though having a 50/50 chance of getting it right going to wait till tomorrow to try.
  7. Here is a close up of the end of the bar. I couldn't blow it up anymore or it got too blurry to see. I hope it helps.

  8. Yup it sure looks like curve goes up in that picture. Really appreciate your help. This is my first plastic gun and working with it compared to revolvers and 1911’s is different.
  9. Glad that I could help you out. Yes I know the feeling, I'm an old 1911 guy myself. The G44 was the first Glock I bought and have since built 2 80% frames, A G19 and G43.
  10. Well got it all polished, new springs and trigger return spring bar goes how your picture showed. Trigger pull has gone from over 8 lbs down to high 6 lbs after first cleaning and now it averages 4 lb 10 oz and is much smoother. I can live with that and will see how long it stays or gets better or worse.
  11. Glad that my photos helped and that you got it back together and the trigger is what you like.
  12. Said I could live with it didn’t say I liked it.:crying: Seeing as all we can do up here with handguns is shoot paper or steel at restricted approved ranges I don’t think it will be one of my go to ones that I always take when going to range but I’m going to shoot the hell out of it and see how it goes.
  13. Aftermarket Gen 5 G19 triggers do work in the G44 if you are interested in changing the trigger out.
  14. YupI know but there is no way I’m spending up to $200 for a trigger on this gun.
  15. Unfortunately by the time we get anything up here in Canada especially with our joke of a dollar it’s 50 to 100 percent of what you pay in the USA.
    I will say though that if I was an American or we could carry up here there is no doubt that it would be a Glock.
  16. Does a Canadian G44 have a longer barrel?
  17. It is 106 mm or 4.17 inch.
  18. That is interesting. I might have to actually measure the barrel on mine. The US Glock site lists the barrel length as 102 mm | 4.02 inch

    Curiosity got the better of me and I measured mine with digital calipers using the same method as the ATF does. Mine is 4.028 inches.

    barrel length.jpg
  19. 'it would be a Glock, eh?'

    Fixed it for you. (I have dual US/Canada citizenship, so don't beat me up too badly, hoser) ;)
  20. That’s because of our logical, sensible saved the world gun laws the progressives brought in back in the 90’s. Any handgun with 4” and under barrel is so dangerous that it is prohibited.
    Now if one was lucky enough to have been grandfathered and got a 12.xx prohibited license then you were able keep it. However you can only sell it to another who has a 12.xx license and upon your demise it will be turned in to the masters and destroyed.
    Take heed as this is what the progressives down your way are wanting. Your 2nd is the only thing stopping it.
  21. I updated my last post with a picture with actual measurements of my barrel. And it makes perfect sense for the Canadian version to have a slightly longer barrel to meet Canadian laws.
  22. :drink: