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Glock 43X

  1. Hello all! This is my first post although I am on other forums. I'm glad to be here and am looking for some advice. I currently have a PPS M2 and don't like the trigger that much. I will be upgrading between a 365 or the Glock 43X. I am leaning towards to X because I wont run optics and the grip on the XL was eh (I have small/medium hands). Since we're in the midst of a "pandemic" I was hoping someone could tell me what a good price would be for the 43X would be? What did you pay for yours and did it come with night sights? Any advice is appreciated!
  2. Get a 365
  3. I thought about it... but its even smaller grip than the XL. Plus they had a lot of reliability issues. More rounds with the shield arms magazines too.
  4. I have two G43X's,silver slide and black slide,both with GNS and I paid $447.00+$38.55 tax=$485.55 each.This price is BL at my LGS.
  5. My P365 holds, 10, 12, or 15 rounds. My P365 was "Born On" 07/30/2020, so it is current production. All of the issues were with early production models. I also have a Hellcat which in some ways I like better, both are quality firearms. The G43X should also serve you well if you like the longer grip. Shield mags have their issues too, have to change out the mag release or the Shield mags eat it up, if you do change it, the metal mag release will groove your Glock mags, so it is a trade off.
  6. Luckily Glock mags are cheap compared to sigs =P. I held the 365 at the LGS and truth be told it is too small. The SOB would go flying out of my hands haha! The Hellcat does look interesting too. I think I've made up my mind on the 43X, thanks!
  7. I really like the 43 and 43X.

    I wouldn’t trade either for two 365s.:D Seriously.
  8. get the hellcat!!!

    Built as a micro-version of the proven XDS platform. I had G48...The Hellcat is quite a step up. Grip, quality of magazine, sights, trigger (tough at first, breaks in very nicely), and its hard to find reports of unreliability. I think the 365 finally figured out what it needed for a striker material.

    Now if just want more barrel length/sight radius then go 365xl. I like the slightly wider hellcat and the texture is perfect. When I want more barrel length, I grab my 19, but shorts and tshirt season had the hellcat on the hip.

    If you just want it because you like glock...then 43x all day. It carries great and accessories galore.
  9. Why 43X when you can get a 48?
  10. I paid $479 for my 43X and I am beyond pleased with it, fits in my hand like a 19, conceals like a 43, best of both worlds

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  11. The real question is...

    Why 48 when you can get a 43X?
  12. Just picked it up today for 485.00. I decided on the x over the 48 because of the barrel length. I wanted something that would be more easily concealable although I’ve heard nothing but good things about the 48, I preferred the short barrel. I hadn’t considered the hellcat only because I’m not a Springfield fan. Plus the 43x was more economical compared the the Sig 365xl. Springfield has had issues in past with CS and the lost a lot of followers when they decided to vote against 2A rights. This is my opinion only and feel I’d rather support a company that has a proven track record, both with CS and reliability. Aftermarket rocks with Glocks and I’ve owned Walther and sigs. This is my first one so time will tell how I like it. I will say I hate the sights on the 43x but am looking into FO sets from Dawson Precision.
  13. Take a look at ameriglo options. 60 bucks on amazon.
  14. You can not go wrong with the Glock, great pistols and fantastic aftermarket support. Enjoy the journey!
  15. The XDS platform or Hellcat mini form being a step up from a Glock is a Joke.
  16. I prefer the G48 which has less felt recoil and I shoot it better.
  17. ain’t she purty?
  18. I have both, like both and wouldn't part with either.

    I did have occasional problems with the P365 not locking back on the last round if my grip was a little sloppy, but when I changed to an XL grip module the problem resolved. Also had some light primer strikes and sent it to Sig. Came back with the problem solved and a bit heavier to rack. I like the option of using 12 or 15-round Cali freedom magazines, but only I prefer the 15-rounders with TD base pads installed, which make inserting a full 15-round magazine a bit easier.

    That said, I'm a huge fan of the 43X. It's been completely reliable and its light weight makes it nice to carry.

    I do prefer the P365 magazine catch and slide catch, but plan to upgrade those on the 43X.

    Bottom line, both are super.


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  19. Again, I had a 48. Hellcat is better to me in the micro or slim concealed category. No sight change needed, no trigger polishing needed, and no grip/stipple/talon needed. I got the 48 as a step up from having a bersa 380 for my thirt days. Most other days it was my CZ75 PCR. The Hellcat is a great little shooter with great defensive sights, and again a micro version of the proven XDS. YMMV.
  20. Yep Amazon has Ameriglo I bought a set of Ameriglo Troopers for the 43x and they are very nice, I got the yellow front. I think they where $90, the Troopers are new to the Ameriglo lineup and they are similar to the Bolds but the front is .125 and the blade is shaped slightly different (broad at the bottom and narrow at top of blade)
  21. Diamondback AM2
  22. that’s still not a bad price. I was thinking of getting some night sights but realize I don’t plan on being out at night where I would need them. I have my 226 for a HD weapon. As a carry I think fiber optic is better for acquisition and precision. Plus I don’t like the idea of them only lasting 5-8 years and dimming.
  23. Does anyone know between a Glock 43x ,Hellcat and 365 and Shield or PPS which has the easier to rack slide??
  24. They are all similar. The Hellcat has the most traction, to me, of the three. The new glock nDLC finish is tough, but it can be a little slick. But they all three use similar recoil assemblies (i only have knowledge of HC, 365, 43x/48).

    The “EZ” family from M&P, VP9 (because of traction ears), the Walther CCP, and Springfield XDE are in the ‘easier’ category for slide manipulation. My wife has issues with a lot of slides (yes, we’ve tried every technique and private instruction) but she had no problems with Sig P320 family for whatever reason. And my bersa 380 is easy for her because she uses the slide-mounted safety-decocker as a way to get some extra traction.

  25. Ameriglo does a great job of keeping their prices down and still pumping out great products and the customer service is outstanding. No questions asked, they swapped my factory Bold front for a shorter one. I was consistently hitting low at 10 and 15 yards. They sent me the 180,if I remember correctly, and I was printing right where I wanted.

    Their offering with blacked out, no tritium, Unotch in rear and the green/yellow front are some of my favorite sights.
  26. I was
    thinking that and mostly that after 10K rounds just about the Ruger SR9c is STILL the toughest slide ive ever racked..and getting older I want something that if I start losing grip strength due to age..I can still manipulate.
  27. Between my M2 and Glock 43X the M2 is smoother. It also has more Han 1300 rounds through it and my Glock has 0.
  28. Consider a revolver or a hammer fired gun. You could insert magazine on empty chamber, manually cock hammer, then manipulate slide to load first round. When you remove the hammer spring from the equation, it makes it a tad easier. But that too could be frustrating for lessening handstrength scenarios.
    I would say go to a LGS and try some, but that wont go well either in this current time.
  29. Welcome:
    I bought the Ameriglow sights for my 43x and absolutely love them. It forces you to focus on the front sight and, with aging eyes, it sure makes a lot of difference.
    Have been handling firearms for many years and find that the 43x is great in it's role.
    Good luck and stay aware.
  30. I bought a 43X about a month ago at GT Distributors for $448 plus tax. Really like the gun. Fits my hand like a glove. I carried a G19 for years. But as I got older, the weight kinda got to me. For me, a 25oz loaded gun was the right weight. So, carried a S&W Shield for a long time. The 43X just fits the size and weight for me. I shot the 43X well and like it. However, my trigger finger did not like the factory trigger shoe. I switched to a Vickers flat face trigger shoe and my finger likes it a lot more than the factory trigger shoe. Did not affect the way I shot it just made my finger fell better.
  31. I haven’t been able to shoot yet, will probably go Monday. I’d like to feel the trigger before I put on a new one. Anybody know good trigger replacements if I decide to go that way? What does it change? I’ve been dry firing and the break seems pretty hard, still less than my walther though. Is there a mod I can do to help with soften without light primer strikes?
  32. ive already got some its all good.
  33. If this is your first Glock then (from my experience) let me suggest you w) field strip and clean before you go out and 2) put 500 rounds through it before you make any changes.
    Mine felt "gritty" when I first got it but now is smooth. THe only thing I did was get some Flitz polish and did the "25 cent trigger job" (no sanding, just light polishing). I don't mind the stock trigger pull weight since it is consistent and smooth.
  34. I respect that, I’ve done some polishing before but don’t want to on this one. I’ve heard it can void warranty. Do the different triggers help with the pull at all or do they just make flat triggers with different colors?
  35. Are you looking for a lighter pull or just smoother? In the meantime, I would say still put 500 though the barrel and then decide.
  36. I’m hoping for a little lighter pull and softening the break. I know the pull will lighten with rounds through so I’ll go and choot it for a while.

  37. View: https://youtu.be/q0soIbBuB5E
  38. 97BB2EFA-21D1-4C0D-BB49-DC3EC14267A0.jpeg Get the 365 it’s the same size as a 42 and it holds 10 rounds of 9mm
  39. I can say I have two different Glocks of the same age and # of rounds. One smoothed out on its own. I used the Flitz on the other to improve the feel.

    I've seen the video posted by slickcz85. I have also read where it is not recomended that you use the nail file (or any other file) since some of the parts are surface hardened and the file will remove the treatment to the surface and as such make things worse in the long run. I don't know if that is true but I chose to follow the steps to determine what to polish but use only Flitz and was happy with the results.

    If you're still not happy after shooting a while. You may want to try this: https://www.glockstore.com/Competition-Spring-Kit
  40. Isnt the 43 smaller than the 48? WHen you go for more conceal, wouldnt the 26 also work? Just questions, bc I am looking as well for that right carry conceal gun
  41. I had a 48. Very easy to conceal. I sold it to get a FNS9C (a little bigger than a 26/27). It was a little tougher for the tshirt scenario. But under a button up plaid, no problem. If I could have found a 26 at the time I picked up my FNS, I would have. It is slightly smaller but to me the double stack grip is better (the 48 was tiny in my hands and no grip left for my support hand). But I’m weird. Now i have a hellcat and with a small adjustment to my normal grip it feels great and my support hand is aligned and planted. YMMV.
    All that to say, I’d rather have a 26/27 Over a 43x/48. The p10s is also worth a look, but not as much aftermarket/holster support. For now i’m happy with the hellcat but I could add a 26 one day. The 36 is also on my watch list. I like em all.
  42. I had two 43x's (one silver and one black) like a dumb dumb I sold them both. I bought a p365 to carry off duty and like you put it on the XL frame. While it's an awesome little gun I never carry it. After shooting Glocks for years I can't get used to the grip angle. I carry my 45 exclusively now and will probably be selling the Sig. 20/20 hindsight? I should have kept the silver 43x and stocked up on magazines.
  43. I hear the MP EZ version is great for women
  44. We tried one. I grabbed a performance center model and it was a complete lemon. Sent it in for warranty, same problem of double feeding and jamming up. I was still in the window of return so I took it back to the store. She’s happy with a revolver and can access nightstand safe where I keep a loaded blaster that she knows how to handle. Other than that, she shoots enough to stay proficient and calls it good.
  45. The VP9SK is also something to consider.I like my 43X better for what I bought it for,but the HK is a great pistol.
  46. Yup a hard to beat glock on reliablity, I was also looking at the sccy brand, I have heard good things, and they are cheap
  47. had 2 365 sold one cant giveaway the second, I have 3 43x with shield 15 rd mags far superior gun to the 365. you wont like the finger bite on the 365.
  48. *crowd chants* twenty six, twenty six, twenty six
  49. At $0.50 per round, that's a $250 break-in procedure at today's prices! :eek:
  50. I think some do not understand what a few write as break in for a new pistol.Just go to the range and fire 100-150 rds. and if it works,carry it. FMJ and 1-2-3-mags. of carry ammo for function.Remember some just write because it reads good. The Glock pistol will smooth out with firing,but it does not need all this break in some post about.