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Glock 43X trigger spring failure

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Anyone else have a failure like this? Trigger went dead at the range during my last session. The little hook broke off. I have close to 10k on the gun. I had a spare so no big deal, but was curious if it's common???

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No, I have not seen the Slim Line trigger spring bearing broken like that....
In my experience with the G43s, which uses the same TMH as the G43X, that small trigger spring bearing should last far more rounds of live fire plus dry-fires. If it broke only after 10k rounds, perhaps the bearing was defective to begin with....

As a matter of fact, even when the Trigger Spring itself broke literally in two pieces inside the TMH of my G43 after about 41k rounds of live fire (plus numerous dry-fires), the original trigger spring bearing was still in a very good shape with no damage or deformation. Because the the trigger spring bearing was intact, my G43 kept functioning reliably even with the trigger spring broken into two pieces inside the TMH. (See this thread for detail: Keep your Glock parts handy!)

In any case, this broken trigger spring incident is one of the reasosns why I now have the NY-1 trigger spring (Part #39324) in all of my Slim Line models along with an aftermarket "3.5 LB" connector...
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