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I will be buying a new CC and have pretty much narrowed it down to a G43. I own several guns but this is a niche gun. I ride a motorcycle and the inside pocket of my riding vest has a built in holster. I bought a LCR .357 but it didn't fit in the holster well. So back to my question is it better to buy the G43 with the night sights or buy them after market. My LGS wants 449.00 and with night sights wants 499.00 or is there better prices on line? Thanks!
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Welcome to GT, Fireball Jack!
I also think $499.00 with Glock night sights is a good deal. I had to pay more for a standard G43 with the stock plastic sights at my LGS. I paid about the same price ($449.00) for my second G43 with plastic sights that I bought online, plus $15 for transfer. I think your LGS is very reasonable. Unless you have any specific aftermarket sights in mind, $499.00 with factory night sights seems like a good choice.
I love my G43. It has become my “go-to” CCW since I bought the 1st one last year. You will really appreciate Glock simplicity and reliability in such a concealable package.
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