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I have tested three aftermarket triggers for G43 - Overwatch DAT; Overwatch Falx and Apex, and shot a few thousand rounds with each.

Overwatch TAC trigger reduced trigger pre-travel noticeably. Apex trigger shoe also reduced the pre-travel some but not as much as Overwatch TAC did. They both felt OK but did not significantly improve my subjective trigger experience because my index finger is so used to feeling curved triggers that those flat triggers felt a little strange.

Overwatch Falx trigger reduced the pre-travel as much as the TAC trigger did, and it felt much more natural to my index finger. Personally I liked Overwatch Falx trigger the best. However, I’m now back to the stock trigger and stock “minus” connector with $0.25 polish job because personally I tend to like the long pre-travel of the stock trigger for my carry gun. YMMV
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