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Glock 43 Newest Toy - Vickers +2

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I finally picked up a new 43 to replace my ancient Keltec P11 for deep concealment. It's hard to believe I put up with that long heavy trigger for over 20 years, but onto better things and the Keltec can now rest in the bottom of the safe. The most amazing thing about the 43 is that it truly captures the essence of what a Glock is, but at what seems like half scale compared to my G17. Reliability has been 100% after several hundred rounds as expected, and the biggest surprise by far is the accuracy. My Glocks have never been my most accurate pistols, (I know most of that is my brain despite my best efforts), but I still managed a 25 yard group right at 4", just barely bigger than my better Gen 5 G17 groupings. This is the most accurate subcompact I've ever shot at 25 yards.

My lone issue is that with my fat fingers, my pinky is just barely on the mag extension, so that when the gun is fired it slips off leaving me with a two finger grip. This makes for an awkward recovery / readjustment after every shot. At closer ranges it's not as big of a deal but at range it really hurts. Yes it's a CCW gun but I always enjoy shooting at longer distances, for entertainment. I've had a few people recommend Vickers +2 extensions so I ordered them and will give them a try, but I wanted to see if anyone here has installed and put several hundred rounds through them and can share their experiences. While I own handguns from different manufacturers, I prefer Glock reliability for carry, and don't want to do anything to screw with that. I like this gun so much that if I just had another half inch of grip I could seriously carry it as an open carry / main pistol.

Another question, the store I purchased from last week claimed this was a Gen 5 pistol, but I've also been told that it's actually a Gen 4 gun. What is the truth?
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On my 26 I just curl the little finger under the mag base plate, which locks the gun in pretty well.
I myself never saw the logic of getting a small gun, then adding stuff to it to make it bigger- just get the bigger gun to begin with.
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