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Glock 41 MOS

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Interested in hearing peoples thougts about it, who own one. Just a plinking gun for me. Have a chance to pick it up fairly cheap $425ish. Almost sounds like a no brainer, and almost had my heart set on a Glock 20 Gen4.
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The 41 is very accurate for me. I like the longer sight radius. It is definitely worth purchasing at $425, snag it while you still can.

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Is that tall front sight co-witnessed? Ever shoot it set up like that, with the dot somehow turned off, but using that front sight? How well does that work.

I don't have experience with reflex sights, but have hunted with red dots. One problem with a red dot is the image of the animal is not always very clear. Dim light, image less clear than if with irons. And glare on lens also affects image. However the aiming dot is clear and easier than irons.

So, in various defensive scenarios of difficult light situations, any issues picking up the target through the reflex?
I actually replaced those ameriglo sights with tritium tall sights from Dawson Precision. They are designed to co-witness and work great whether the dot is on or not.

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Did you get the gun OP? I like mine a lot. I like my FNX-45 Tactical a little better due to capacity and the threaded bbl, nothing to do with how it actually shoots.
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