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Glock 41 MOS

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Interested in hearing peoples thougts about it, who own one. Just a plinking gun for me. Have a chance to pick it up fairly cheap $425ish. Almost sounds like a no brainer, and almost had my heart set on a Glock 20 Gen4.
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That's a great price, buy it! If you don't, tell me where it is so I can buy it!

The G41 has a much slimmer slide profile than the G20/21/40, which amounts to less perceived bulk. My non MOS Gen4 G41 shoots like a dream, and is quite accurate, moreso than I.

Since you mentioned having your heart set on a Gen4 G20, and not wanting to convert the G41 to 10mm, I'd let any thoughts you may encounter in regards to caliber conversion go by the wayside. The G21 may have an easier time of conversion to 10mm, but the added bulkiness and weight of it plus the extra cost of parts and time fuddy duddying around with those parts and you're darn near the cost of a used G20 that was designed to fire 10mm from the getgo. The aforementioned is code for: save your coins and buy a dedicated 10mm Glock, instead of entertaining the thought of a multi caliber G41.

I'm far from a Glock fanboi, but I like the Practical/Tacticals. I think you'll be quite happy with the G41MOS, even if you never plunk an optic down on it. Here's my Gen4 G41...I purchased it late this past year at a local gunshow, I think for $505. And it's still as plain Jane as the day it was born, not requiring a darn thing in my opinion, except perhaps an OEM extended slide lock lever like the one on it's Gen3 G35 brother directly behind it :D
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