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Glock 39 Range Report (Videos Included)

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Hey guys,

I finally got to the range today to put my Glock 39 to the test that I bought 2 weeks ago. I put 50 rounds though it because I didn't have much and I tested out my SD ammo, including my carry ammo... Federal Hydra Shock 230 Gr JHP. To me, shooting this subcompact Glock chambered in .45 GAP was very smooth and I enjoyed it. To me, it was very accurate and I then put up a 12" by 12" target on my 25 Yd set backer and slow fired it. It did great! Heres two videos talking from my experience at the range with my Glock 39 (BOTH IN HD)...

Glock 39 Range Report (Part 1/2)
Glock 39 Range Report (Part 2/2)

Please feel free to comment and rate! Again this is from my expereince! :wavey: