Glock 39 Pocket Holsters

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    So far no one I've found makes pocket holsters that are sized to fit the wider slide of the Glock 39. But both Kramer and KYTAC have holsters in the works. Kramer said theirs should be out in 2~3 weeks, KYTAC was still looking for a model 39 to for sizing purposes (but <I>does</I> plan on making one). Meanwhile, I made my own pocket holster by cutting down a Glock 21 belt holster - see instructions below.

    I've heard that some of the model 26/27 pocket holsters also work with 39's, but personally I'd want to see just how tightly it fits before buying one myself. Having to use a crowbar to pry your pistol out of the holster could interfere with your lightning-fast quick draw;g.

    Following fellow Glock Talker mds1140's idea, I made my own pocket holster out of a standard Glock model 21 belt holster (the cheap sport/combat model). The first step is to take a sharp knife and cut off the little bump inside the holster that the trigger guard snaps into (since the holster won't be anchored to your belt, you need to be able to easily separate it from the pistol). Mds1140 cut the slide-side belt loop, and the complete tab it's attached to, off even with the top of the slide. I left a little of that tab about ½ inch tall next to the rear sight, so that it looks like a little shark fin just in front of the rear sight. The trigger-side belt loop I left intact, except for scooping out a notch next to the belt loop. In use, you hook either the little shark fin tab, or the notched-out belt tab, on the top or bottom edge of your pocket as you draw the pistol. With a little practice, this leaves the pistol in your hand and the holster still in your pocket.

    On paper, this sounds amateurish. But in fact, it works far better than it sounds like it would. The factory plastic holster is so thin that I would bet that my holstered 39 isn’t any thicker than many typical 9mm's in leather holsters. And my homemade holster seems to do just as good a job as the factory holsters at turning a distinctively pistol shaped bulge into a generic rectangular shape. The remaining factory belt tab forces the butt of the pistol to sit angled inward, so there's no chance of the pistol sticking out of my pocket at an embarrassing time. And before anyone objects, yes, you do need baggy pants with <B>big</B> pockets for this to work.

    btw - For regular IWB & OWB holsters, any Glock 30 holster should work fine with a model 39 (although some may be a bit longer than they need to be). Not sure if a 38 would fit in a model 30 holster, but the 37's & 38's should fit in model 21 holsters OK.