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Glock 39 or .45 GAP For Summer Carry?

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It's no secret that the lure of the new Glock 43 is strong for me, esp. when I read all the posts on how well they

There are two issues of concern with me:

A. Trigger or palm sting like I've had from the LC9 and Shield, plus .40 and 10mm Glocks.

B. The fact that the G43 is a bit bigger than the G42 that really doesn't fit well in my pocket because
the butt sticks out a bit.

C. A G26 sized gun would have a shorter butt, even if the BABY GLOCKs are a bit wider and heavier
for pocket carry.

My main roles for a SS9 or other Glocks or XDs, ect.

Would be for Fanny Pack or Ankle Carry.

While I'm perfectly comfortable with only 6 rounds of 9mm or .45 in the pistol, with
a spare mag along for the ride as well.

Things start to decline when I get to .380 power and 6 rounds in each mag.

Love the G42 and all, just not thrilled about .380 no matter which one I've owned.

For Fanny Pack carry, there is one Glock option that makes a lot of sense if you are talking
more than 5 rounds, but less than 10, and a gun that could be a dedicated Fanny Pack gun.

Stored in my Fanny Pack, loaded and with a spare mag.

The BABY GLOCK.. sized Glock 39:)

I've never been able to handle one, so I think those of you that own, carry one are very lucky.

A bit heavier (on paper) and wider than the other Baby Glocks, but big bore .45 caliber stopping

One could address the issue of the Glock 42 or Glock 43's limited firepower with only 6 rounds
for a spare mag, by buying
a 10 round .45 GAP magazine as a spare.

Ankle Carry might be a bit of a chore, as the G39 is heavier than the G33 I carried for
about a year.

With no issues with hot 9mm+P or .357 SIG from my old Glock 26 (GNS) or Glock 33.

There should be no problem with recoil from my eventual Glock 39.

Please post your 39s or Glocks in .45 GAP, plus choices in ammo or holsters.
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Glock G39
200 gr. Speer Gold Dot
Comp-Tac Minotaur holster (for G29/30)
G37 mags for spares

Works for me. Lighter rig than either 29 or 30, and enough punch to stop threats.
Well baby Glocks are nice and the 45 GAP is a capable cartridge. As for the .08" difference in height between the G26 and G43 do you really believe that much will be noticeable? Certain after market sights will add that amount to a baby Glock.
I own and carry all 3 45 GAP's. I have a raven concealment and a pancake to carry them. Great round, recoil is much less than a .40 or 45 ACP. What's not to love.

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Call me green (or FDE) with envy:)

Very nice looking gun and holster combo there.
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I have a G39 with a + 1 mag exit soon, and love it. I Cerakoted it and ported the slide to match my G22, &
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Changing the trigger to one with the smooth face, and then filing the safety lever flush takes the sting out completely for me in the .40.

The 39 has soft recoil in my hands anyway. Quite a bit softer than the .40.

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