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Glock 36 ??

  1. I didnt mean to drum up an ammo conversation, thats for the magazines and people with too much time, but I do appreciate your thoughts. If anyone has shot a lot, they will know what the best ammo/gun choice is.

    Do you still have the link to information about the the guy who sued Glock? I believe the real winners in any lawsuit are the lawyers, and have no interest in lawsuits, but I am interested in how Glock customer service handled his issue.

    Q: How many lawyers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
    A: How much money you got?

    BTW I have my S&W Model 66 in the hand safe next to my bed. It doesn't jam and has damn little chance of ever doing so. Its a stainless work of art. :)
  2. Just checked and mine is an 04 (and no issues with well over 1,500 rounds or so.)
  3. there wer none it was small claims court the guy lives up north and he had to go to ga for the case,i have to put a w/s in now,as soon as im done ill get that for you,i think it was an early 36
  4. http://g36mf.blogspot.com/ i think this is it,there is a you tube video too,a few of my buds have 36s they dont have any probs maybe it was the early ones,although somone said theres was new in 09 and its back at glock now,so i dont know,i just wished they would build a 19-23 sized acp but thats imposible due to the doublestack design of it,oh well if i want to carry a 19-23 sized 45 just for ccw ill prob get the g38 prob the most tuffest looking well proportioned glock of them all,it just looks tuff,andgo ahead and shoot your 19-23s ammo is cheap but really how often do you or can afford to shoot acp any way,just buy a couple hundred rds of gap range and 20 gold dots and your gold-jeff
  5. Widths: G36 - 28.5mm, "Smaller cals." - 30mm, Large 45's & 10mm's - 32.5mm...Hope this helps.
  6. Oh Jebus. I just looked at the link you provided to the blogspot. I watched the video. I have the same malfunction occuring. the shell is not fully extracted and gets jammed by the next round coming up and the slide. Both stock mags do it. You have to drop them magazine. I took digital pictures of this happening on three occasions (out of 75 rounds) and sent them along to glock. It seems like its just an extractor length/engagement issue???

    I have a lot of faith in Glocks design. Its funny but here I am with a gun that like many others, jams, but I am still trying to pick out my next glock. Their awesome in general and I have faith that this gun will be fixed or better yet, replaced, so I can carry a 36 again. The moto on the box says Glock perfection and I have faith in the basic design so its probably just a manufacturing mistake.
  7. i hope so too,i too wanted one,but it is a one off design by glock,maybe they will get it worked out-jeff